The territory of present-day Kyjov has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Over the centuries the town has experienced periods of war and fighting, but also of peace and prosperity, which is reflected in its appearance today. When you are on the town square, make sure to walk around the Renaissance town hall with its 39-metre tower, and also don’t miss the local chateau and the Kyjov Ethnographic Museum.
Kyjov, the site of the Slovácko Year folk festival, is, after Strážnice, the second centre of folk culture in the Slovácko, or Moravian Slovakia, region. A wide range of musicians and ensembles perform here, and there is also a rich menu of cultural events. Among the local attractions are a group of modern architectural monuments from the first half of the 20th century, the Renaissance town hall and chateau, a number of churches and chapels, an ethnographic museum, and four galleries. The Renaissance chateau covered with sgraffiti from the mid-16th century – the oldest preserved building in town – has been home since 1928 to the Kyjov Ethnographic Museum, which presents permanent exhibitions on local archaeology, ethnography and natural history.