A city as if from a fairy tale, ringed by medieval walls with towers, bastions and romantic walkways – this is Polička.

In the Middle Ages, when most large settlements had walls, no one would care very much, but today’s “fortifications tourism” is flourishing. In Polička, a town on the Czech-Moravian border near Litomyšl, you can even walk along the walls!

City walls and interactive games

The 1220 meter-long medieval walls with towers and walkways encloses the historic city center and is among the best preserved in Central Europe. You can purchase tickets at the Bohuslav Martinů Center in Šaffova Street and accompany your guide on a walk along the ramparts. Stop by the Marian column on the Main Square, walk through the park underneath the walls, and go see the picturesque streets of Parkány and Na Bídě, where the urban poor once lived in the shadows of the walls.

Visit the tower and surroundings

There are many places in Polička that recall composer B. Martinů (1890-1959). One curiosity for visitors is the small room in the tower of the church of St. James, where the future composer was born. What was life like for the Martinů family at a height of 36 meters above ground? You can find out for yourselves if you climb the 192 steps to reach these rooms and the viewing platform of the church tower, where you will have Polička in the palm of your hands! You will also enjoy the Bohuslav Martinů Center, where you will find an unusual museum with several modern and interactive exhibits, as well as the composer’s grave in the local cemetery.

There are a number of other places that will attract you to Polička’s surroundings, including Svojanov Castle, the beautiful rococo château Nové Hrady and the Toulovcovy Maštal Rock City.


Město Polička Palackého nám. 160 Polička, 572 01