Miners’ Příbram

Miners’ Příbram

An Interesting Museum and the Holy Mountain

When planning a trip outside of Prague, remember to add the royal mining town of Příbram to your itinerary. It is a town that takes pride in its long history and famous mining past, dating back to the times of the Celts according to the archaeological finds.
Příbram is in the Central Bohemian Region, 54 km south-west of Prague, in the region below the Brdy upland. Not only silver, lead and iron ore were extracted from the mines in Příbram, but also strategic uranium after World War II. Příbram was promoted to a royal town in 1579 by famous Emperor Rudolph II, mostly thanks to the boom of precious metal mining in the mid-16th century. However, the heyday of mining activity did not come until the 19th century when almost all silver and lead production in the entire Austrian-Hungarian Empire came from the Příbram mines. In 1875, the depth of 1,000 metres was reached in the Vojtěch Mine for the first time in the world.

You can learn about the development in the area in the fascinating largest mining museum in Central Europe. Mining also took place in Březové Hory, which is now a part of Příbram. You should also visit the Holy Mountain, a famous pilgrimage site, looming over the town, which is also called the Marian Baroque gem of Central Bohemia.


Město Příbram
Tyršova 108
261 01 Příbram I.