A trip to Slatiňany in east Bohemia simply has to include a visit to the hippological museum at the local chateau and to see the Kladruber horses. When travelling with children, you should definitely stop by at the Podhůra forest recreational area with the Bára lookout tower, a rope climbing centre and a cute rarity called the Cat’s Castle.

Horses and technical inventions at Slatiňany Chateau

The chateau with the unique European hippological museum is not the only thing to see in Slatiňany. There is also a large English park with an enclosure for horses and other animals, as well as the famous stud farm. If you are not a fan of classic expositions, you can look forward to the Slatiňany tour entitled You Cannot Stop Progress. It will take you along all the technical conveniences that the last owners, the princely Auersperg family had installed. For example, you will look inside a boiler room, kitchen, bathrooms, as well as the chateau courtyards, attic and roof trusses.

Meet the black Kladruber horses

The history of the Kladruber horse, bred for ceremonial use by royal courts, dates back to the 16th century. The Slatiňany stud farm breeds the black Kladruber horses. You can meet them during a tour of the stud farm, in the chateau hippological museum, and also in the small museum by the house called Švýcárna. Learn about the life of Professor František Bílek who saved the Kladruber breed, check out the stables and also films about horses and their lives.

Along the Cat’s Castle to the lookout tower and ropes

You will pass by Švýcárna if you decide to see the Cat’s Castle from Slatiňany; it is an unusual children’s playground, built by Princess Auersperg for her children. The castle is included in the area of the Podhůra recreational forests with a whole range of sport facilities and marked trails for cyclists, hikers and horse riders. There is also an outdoor gym, a rock-climbing wall and a rope park with obstacles for adults and children alike, including a chair lift. Enjoy the views of the countryside from the Bára lookout tower.


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