Štramberk, a mountain town nestled among wooded hills, you can see from far away – towering over it is a special castle like none elsewhere!

Green hillsides, timbered houses, folk traditions and wonderful regional cuisine, that is Wallachia and Beskydy. Lying in their midst is Štramberk with its charming streets and wooden houses from the 18th and 19th centuries century, giving the city the name of the cradle of Wallachia.

Castle, museums and beer baths

High above the town rises the castle ruins of Strallenberg with its high cylindrical tower known as Trúba; the wooden platform at the top offers fantastic views of the surrounding area. The picturesque alleyways below the castle and the winding staircases lead you from the castle to the main square. There you will find a puppet museum, the Aqua Terra mini-zoo, the museum of famous painter of prehistory Z. Burian, and the museum of toys. In one of the timbered cabins on the corner of the square you will find the Waxworks with a number of figures, which will introduce you to the famous personages of this region; in the café Perníkovka you will discover the secrets of traditional gingerbread production. Also on the square stands the restored Town Brewery, where the homemade Trubač yeast beer is brewed, as well as a number of other interesting beer specials. You can taste both traditional and beer delights and even try the beneficial effects of an original beer bath on your skin!

Local specialty

If you enjoy delicious morsels you won’t find anywhere else, then you will like Štramberk ears, a sweet pastry made of honey-spiced dough shape like twisted ears. These goodies, the recipe of which is trademarked, have been baked in Štramberk for centuries to commemorate the legendary victory of the Štramberk Christians over the Tartar army. You can munch on them, for example, while you are on the Lachian nature trail to the tower on White Mountain, whose shape recalls a DNA helix.