Vizovice, the gateway to Moravian Wallachia, lies in a basin surrounded by the hills of the Vizovice Highlands east of the city of Zlín. Seven streams flow through this area, which is home to a nice baroque chateau with a park, while the town is also famous for its slivovice (a plum brandy) decorative Vizovice pastries and songs by the band Fleret. Come for a visit to also see the traditional plum festival called Trnkobraní!

Vizovice: baroque chateau featuring a garden and park

In the middle of the 18th century, Heřman Hannibal of Blümengen had a chateau built in Vizovice in the then modern French Baroque style. Today, you can see the interiors furnished with furniture from the Baroque, Rococo, Empire and Biedermeier periods with lots of porcelain and a number of paintings. You must not forget to visit the French formal garden featuring sculptural decorations, an English landscape park with a pond and small museum that maps the more than 400-year-long history of distilling plum brandy in Vizovice.

Following the scent of plum brandy in Vizovice

Those heading to Vizovice must visit the famous Rudolf Jelínek distillery; during the tour, in addition to the main distillery, you will also visit a bottling plant and tastings are a matter of course. As part of the annual Trnkobraní plum festival, you can see one of the largest domestic open-air festivals. If you are fond of Wallachian timbered buildings, visit Mikuláštík's bailiff office, a log cabin, in Jasenná. Get to know the undulating nature of the Vizovice Highlands on the nature trail of jockey Váňa, a native of the nearby village of Slopné.


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