Climb up the stairs to discover the mysteries of a tower that has been guarding the town for almost 800 years and, not least, to enjoy the view on the pearl of Central European Renaissance which will lie open right in front of you.  
The Tower of the Holy Spirit is the oldest preserved building in Telč – it comes from the 13th century. Who built it and when exactly is, however, a mystery. Was it perhaps the Knights Templar, the mysterious order steeped in legends?  The tower, almost 50 m high, used to protect a trade route crossroads and also served as a refuge in the event of danger. Shortly after the tower, a small church was built right next to it, which endured the Hussite wars and was rebuilt afterwards. In 18th century it was abandoned, later became a theatre stage and ultimately was consecrated again. Take the stairs to the top and discover the secrets hidden in the tower as well as in the town that lies below.


Palackého č.p. 116, Telč-Vnitřní Město, 588 56 Telč