Old Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bubeneč

Old Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bubeneč

A Prague technical site that inspires many, including filmmakers.

The old wastewater treatment plant in Prague-Bubeneč is an important witness to the history of architecture, technology and water management. Built in 1901-1906, it was used for the treatment of most of the sewage water in the city of Prague until 1967. In the steam engine room one can view the still functioning machines from the early 20th century. The design of the sewer system with the proposed technical parameters of the treatment plant was prepared by a construction engineer of British origin, Sir William Heerlein Lindley. In 2010 his work was declared a cultural monument.
The main hall with water tanks hanging high above the heads of visitors looks like it came from the novels of Jules Verne. The sci-fi like atmosphere is sought after by Czech as well as foreign filmmakers. For example, this place was used for shooting one of the sequels to the successful series of action films Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise, who explored the area with great interest.
Moreover, the wastewater treatment plant in Prague- Bubeneč is inscribed on the list of European Industrial Heritage, where it keeps company with the Prazdroj Brewery and Museum (situated of course in Plzeň) and the Michal Mine that can be found in Ostrava.

The Bubeneč quarters together with the treatment plant are located in Prague on the left bank of the River Vltava, also encompassing the popular Imperial Island, Stromovka Park and the Prague Exhibition Grounds.

When to visit?

The historical grounds of the old wastewater treatment plant are open to the public all year round, when you can explore the Bubeneč plant during a guided tour. Information leaflets are available in several world languages. Moreover, it is possible to book the tour in English for groups of six or more tourists. The commentary is supplemented with period photographs and samples of design documentation. In addition, the tour includes a 1943 film documentary about the operation of the wastewater treatment plant.

The grounds are often hired by filmmakers and then for this reason they are closed to the public. So before visiting, it is better to check the website of the treatment plant.