Planetarium Prague

Planetarium Prague

Get closer to the stars!

In Prague, there's no need to wait until dark to see a sky full of stars. You would likely only see a few stars anyway due to light pollution. However, if you want to uncover the mysteries of outer space, stars, or the planets, or discover what it's like on the surfaces of Mars or the Moon, you should certainly not skip the planetarium on your walk through Stromovka Park. In addition to interactive exhibits, you can also choose from its rich programme with diverse topics from astronomy and astronautics. Some shows are in English, so even if you don't understand Czech, you will not miss out on the commentary.

Unique projection theatres

Situated in Stromovka Park, the Prague planetarium opened its doors in 1960, however, even today the dimensions of the dome of its main theatre rank it among the largest in the world. Its diameter is an impressive 23.5 metres, it towers to a height of 15 metres, and can accommodate up to 210 audience members at once. The theatre is not only furnished with optomechanical equipment, but also a digital projector. The projection area boasts the greatest picture resolution in all of Europe! Because of this, the systems installed in the main theatre (named the Cosmorama), can create the perfect illusion of outer space.

The second theatre is named Starvid. Although smaller, it is equipped with a unique digital projection system. On its specialised wide-angle screen, it projects starry skies and cosmic objects not just as we see them from planet Earth, but from the viewpoints of various corners of outer space as well. Additionally, 3D graphics allow Digistar to project the Sun, planets, their moons, comets, and asteroids not only as small specks in the sky, but also as detailed 3D models that can be viewed from all sides and from various distances.

Outer space at your fingertips

Visitors to the planetarium can tour the permanent astronomy exhibit on their own as well. Here, you can try out several interactive exhibits, which include a model of a black hole, planetary weights, and others. The greatest draw, however, are the Mars and Moon driving simulators. In addition to its permanent exhibits, the Prague planetarium also offers a selection of programmes that focus on a wide range of topics from astronomy and astronautics.