The founding of the Jesuit College in Telč was initiated by a countess in 1655. The seminary and secondary school were added later. The college is the largest Baroque compound in Telč, a UNESCO listed World Heritage town. It functioned until the end of the 18th century when the Jesuit Order in Bohemia was dissolved; later it was used by the army and as an educational institution.  
The former Jesuit College occupies the western end of the block of houses on the central Square of Zacharias of Hradec  in Telč. At present, the Baroque Church of the Holy Name of Jesus is only open to visitors for services and during daytime. It is an Early Baroque church with a large central hall and side chapels. One quite unusual fact is that the part visible from the square is the side facade with a stone portal. On the north and south side of the presbytery, there are two towers with an open arcade between them, which was used for meteorological observations. Today it offers a magnificent view of the picturesque town, chateau and square.


náměstí Jana Kypty 74, Telč