The square in Telč with the typical high gables on the coloured houses and arcades full of little shops and cafés, where you can sit undisturbed and watch the world pass by, is indeed a healing balm for the soul.  
This town, designed as a moated fortress, has the competitive nature of its inhabitants to thank for its appearance. This is because the citizens had a habit of demonstrating their wealth and social status by the size and magnificence of their houses’ gables, the result being that each house is literally more beautiful than the next.
Which one is the most beautiful is up to your judgement. Are  you going to be astonished by the monumental city hall, marvel at the wonderfully decorated house no. 15, or fall for the house no. 61 with sgraffiti of 11 commanders from the Old Testament? Each of the houses is telling its own story. Become absorbed in the song of the gurgling fountains and look up to the masterfully adorned Marian Column. Cross the square back and forth and relish in the atmosphere of a place the likes of which are rarely seen outside fairy-tales.