Mucha Trail

Mucha Trail

Four places bring back the magic of the master of light and shadow

Alfons Mucha was a phenomenal artist, an icon of the European art nouveau style and a master of light and shadow. He painted entrancing paintings and posters, designed jewellery, wallpaper or chocolate wrappers. He was born in South Moravia, and you can explore the places where he worked at the Mucha Trail.
The best known place along the trail is the chateau in Moravský Krumlov where the Slav Epic, the life work of Alfons Mucha, is on display. It took Mucha eighteen years to paint this unique series of 20 canvases depicting the history of the Slavs from the prehistoric times to the beginning of the twentieth century! And instead of selling them, he donated the paintings to Prague.

You can continue to Ivančice near Brno where Alfons Mucha was burn. The local memorial at the square contains the most exhibits along the trail.

The third stop along the Mucha Trail is in Mikulov, the wine-growing centre of South Moravia, where Mucha lived for two years. Stop by at the Tanzberk Hotel where Mucha used to enjoy coffee and wine.

The last place is the town hall in Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou that Alfons Mucha decorated with beautiful murals.

Come and visit Timeless Mucha: Bridging the World (4.5. - 27.11.2022) a four-part exhibition presented in four locations in South Moravia: Ivančice, Mikulov, Hrušovany and Moravský Krumlov. At each venue, Timeless Mucha: Bridging the World juxtaposes works from Mucha and his followers, with viewers encouraged to explore their visual links.


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