Walk through a gateway to culture and education and see the unique compound of Baroque buildings.

Klementinum is Prague’s second largest compound of historical buildings, after Prague Castle. From its founding until the present day, it has been a living centre of scholarship and culture. It has been the seat of the Czech National Library for more than 200 years and the most valuable manuscripts are kept in its collections. In its archives, you will find absolutely all books, journals and newspapers published in the past two hundred years.
The large Klementinum compound is situated in the Old Town next to Charles Bridge right in the historical centre of Prague. Klementinum was built on an area of two hectares and is one of the largest Baroque sets of buildings in the Czech territory. Among the attractions Klementinum has to offer are a 68 metre high Astronomical Tower with a beautiful view of the historical centre of Prague, the Mirror Chapel with a richly decorated interior and numerous mirrors that cannot be seen anywhere else in the Czech Republic, and the Baroque Library Hall with beautiful frescoes and several large historical globes. Also worth mentioning are two organs that were installed in the Mirror Chapel in the 18th century.

Unforgettable tour around a Baroque gem

You can take a guided Baroque tour that includes both the Astronomical Tower and the Baroque Library Hall. The tours are offered daily from 10 a.m. The Mirror Chapel is also a part of the tour on days when there is no cultural event - as it often hosts concerts of both jazz and classical music played by top Czech and foreign musicians. The next Baroque wonder – the Library Hall with amazing frescoes and several valuable historical globes is right above the Mirror Chapel. Books with whitened spines were already being stored here at the time when the Jesuit Order used the building for its original purpose, which was to educate the people of Prague.


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