New World in Prague

New World in Prague

A little town at Prague Castle, where time stood still.

Although it seems impossible, close to the most visited site in the Czech Republic there is a place that tourists haven't fully discovered yet. Why? Probably because the saying that “the darkest place is right under the candle” is true in this case. Situated just a few minutes’ walk from Prague Castle, the quarter called New World consists of winding streets and small houses dating back to the Middle Ages. Thanks to its location, which is a little to the side, New World has maintained its same character for several centuries.
Many of the houses still have their original names, which usually describes something made of gold. The House At the Golden Pear, At the Golden Grape, Tree, Shrub, and Stork ... It might seem that in the 16th century it was a place where either goldsmiths or rich people used to dwell, but appearances can be deceptive. In its time New World was the outer bailey of Prague Castle, where the poorest people lived.

Small very dissimilar houses, which had previously been considered as a sign of poverty, have a completely different kind of charm today, charm that you will see in Golden Lane, or right here in New World. Thanks to the preserved condition of the local buildings it is easy to imagine the life of those who used to dry their laundry between the crooked walls and spend their free time mostly in small yards. At the end of Černínská Street you will find a cottage called At the Crayfish, which is the only surviving log building in Prague and today serves as a luxury hotel.

And who used to live here?

In 1600 the house called At the Golden Griffin was lived in by the famous Danish astronomer and mathematician Tycho de Brahe who was friends and also collaborated with Johann Kepler. For some time, the House At the Golden Acorn belonged to the Santini family, one of whom was the Baroque architectural genius Jan Blažej Santini, who the Czech Republic is indebted to for quite a few Baroque gems. For example the UNESCO site at Zelená Hora near Žďár nad Sázavou. In addition, the artist Jan Zrzavý also resided in New World for several years. You too can appreciate the magic of this undiscovered spot in the heart of Prague!


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