Petřín lookout tower

Petřín lookout tower

Discover a little bit of Paris on Petřín!

Set out for the top of Petřín with its elegant lookout tower inspired by the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris! After having conquered the 299 steps, a breathtaking view will open out for you over the panorama of the city with its abundance of spires, chimneys and spectacular facades of the Baroque palaces. Petřín is currently a popular place for lovers, as well as a place where you can wander about undisturbed, have a picnic with friends or have a seat in one of the little pubs.

Petřín is a poetic place in all seasons. Whether you come here in spring when the heavenly fragrance of rose bushes fills the air, or in summer when you can lie in the soft grass and read your favourite book. In the autumn, the coloured leaves on the trees create an indescribable backdrop to the panorama of Prague and in winter you will be amazed by the romantic view of the snow-covered roofs of the Lesser Quarter and with the aroma of mulled wine wafting through the air.

The city in the palm of your hand

The most distinctive dominant feature of Petřín is without a doubt the lookout tower. When you say that it reminds you of the most famous dominant feature in Paris, you won’t be far from the truth. It is in fact a scaled-down copy of this which was built on the occasion of the General Land Centennial Exhibition in 1891. Before climbing it, make sure you have enough free memory in your camera because the panoramic view here is one of the most beautiful in Prague.

Come and have a laugh!

What would you look like if you were two metres tall or had a head the size of a melon? You can find out in the popular maze of mirrors, which is located in the small chateau right next to the Petřín lookout tower. This unique entertainment for children and adults alike will make your day more pleasant and give you a belly laugh. On the way, don’t forget to look in on the medieval Hungry Wall, which was commissioned by the Czech King Charles IV. It is named as it is due to the fact that it was built by the poor. The enlightened ruler thus ensured work for them and also the means to make a living.

From Petřín all the way to the stars

Do you like looking at the sky? In that case, you should also visit the Petřín observatory, where a literally heavenly experience awaits you. With the aid of modern telescopes you can look at the most famous of heavenly bodies and learn some interesting facts from the local astronomers.