10 Beautiful Scenic Vistas in Pardubice Region

10 Beautiful Scenic Vistas in Pardubice Region

The Best Lookout Towers

The countryside of the Pardubice Region in the north-east of Bohemia, with its typical diversity, offers an abundance of nature beauties. You can enjoy some views of the beautiful and rugged landscape, from plains through hills to the massif of Králický Sněžník, or historical towns from the height of the lookout towers. We have chosen ten of them, accessible all year round.

Andrlův chlum

Come enjoy a view from the Silver Beauty, as this iron lookout tower, standing near the town of Ústí nad Orlicí, is called. The views are beautiful in any direction. You can see the Orlické Mountains, the Iron Mountains, the peaks of Praděd and Králický Sněžník, as well as the castle at Mount Kunětická, or even Prague when the weather is good. One spiral staircase will take you to a height of almost 35 metres, the other one safely back to the ground. 

Celtic Boiika

Near the town of Nasavrky, along a Celtic trail, at an altitude of 523 metres, you will find a wooden lookout tower with an observation deck. Climb 32 steps to get to the height of 11 metres and you will see Chrudim, Pardubice, the peaks of the Krkonoše Mountains, the Orlické Mountains as well as Králický Sněžník. You can also get there by car. The lookout tower is called Boiika after the Celtic tribe of Boii who used to live in a nearby oppidum.

Lanšperk Scenic Vista

Not far from Ústí nad Orlicí, an 8-metre-tall metal observation deck was installed in the area of the ruins of the Gothic Lanšperk Castle in 2007. It provides a beautiful view of the valley of River Tichá Orlice, the Orlické Mountains, Králický Sněžník, and even the Jeseníky Mountains with the highest mountain of Praděd when visibility is good. You can also get to the castle by car.

Mariánka Lookout Tower

The wooden tower, 23 metres high, is named after the nearby pilgrimage site at Mount Mariánská near the village of Horní Čermná. When you climb the 90 steel steps to the observation deck, you can enjoy a nice view of the Orlické Mountains, Zábřeh Highlands, the countryside around Lanškroun, Žamberk and Letohrad. There is a small car park next to the tower.

Na Kopečku

The wooden lookout tower with stone foundations is interesting as it was built by the Bohuněk family in their own garden in Licoměřice near the town of Čáslav, in 2006-2007. Reportedly, there used to be a fort there, used as a military watchtower until the first half of the 16th century. The lookout tower is at an altitude of 370 metres and the gallery, eight metres higher, offers views of the Čáslav, Kutná Hora and Kolín regions.

Pastýřka Tower

The lookout tower at Nad Boršovem (516 m above sea) is 27 metres high, and it rises up not far from Moravská Třebová. To get there, follow the easy green hiking trail, or the faster red trail. After you climb the 132 steps to the observation deck, you will see Moravská Třebová, the Orlické Mountains, Králický Sněžník or the Jeseníky Mountains. Cars have to be parked on the outskirts of the town.

The Sky Walk

The unique structure full of adventure trails that will take you up to the sky was built in the winter resort at Dolní Morava below Kralický Sněžník by the Polish border in 2015. The Sky Walk can be found near the Slaměnka Lodge, not far from the top station of the Sněžník cable railway and the Skalka scenic vista at an altitude of 1,116 metres. You can easily access the Walk with strollers or wheelchairs along a wooden walkway. You can also take the chair lift for a comfortable access to the Sky Walk.

Strážný vrch

The lookout tower at the peak of Strážný vrch (590 m above sea) refers to the mining history in the area between Svitavy and Moravská Třebová as it is shaped as a headframe. There are 67 steps to the observation deck at a height of 14 metres. It offers views of Moravská Třebová, a part of the Orlické Mountains, as well as Králický Sněžník. You can get there by bike or on foot from Dětřichov or Nová Ves. Shale used to be mined in the area, for use in the ceramic industry.

Suchý vrch

The original water tower at Suchý vrch, 33 metres high, offers beautiful views of the Orlické and Bystřické Mountains, Hrubý Jeseník, the Kłodzko Valley and Králický Sněžník. Along the way up, you can see some historical photographs of the lookout tower and Kramář’s cottage, which it has been intrinsically linked to since the era of the First Republic. Today, it is a modern mountain hotel with a friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy gourmet food and great wellness services, as well as romance under the mountain stars.

Val Lookout Tower

You will find the Vat lookout tower at the peak with the same name (788 m above sea) above the town of Králíky. It is a metal telecommunication tower with an observation deck at a height of 22 metres. There are 123 steps to the deck and when the weather is good, you can see the Jeseníky Mountains, Králický Sněžník, the Kłodzko Valley and the Orlické Mountains. The lookout tower is also accessible by car.