Top tips for winter experiences in the Krušné Mountains

Top tips for winter experiences in the Krušné Mountains

Mountains and deep forests gave the Krušné Mountains and their foothills an unmistakable character.

Walking and cycling trips through remote upland plains can be combined with visits to notable technical monuments and castles. Silent mountains, since time immemorial, hard with chillingly sharp views even in the mist, always dignified and majestic.

The Krušné Mountains are magnificent mountains of special suggestive and raw beauty, a long wooded ridge, from which the wooded and rocky hillsides descend, breathtaking mountain meadows, plains and wetlands. They are full of unexpected surprises, hidden gems, they have their secrets, which is lovely to reveal.

Up and down or the ski resorts promised to downhill skiers

The Krušné Mountains are still an undiscovered paradise for skiers. First, there are relatively stable snow conditions and then, the amenities of ski resorts are better each year and the slopes are increasingly cared. Dominant and central, in addition pleasantly not far, are two ski resorts – Klínovec a Plešivec.

Klínovec is the highest peak of the Krušné Mountains, it looks down into the valley from a height of 1244 meters above sea level. 12 km of slopes, the most modern chairlift in the Czech Republic, the possibility to alternate the terrain with ski runs on the neighboring Fichtelberg.

This all is enhanced by the unique atmosphere of the mysterious mountains with the typical telecommunication tower, trees covered with stunning creations of nival and ice laces and distant views to the Czech countryside. In addition, there is also snow tubing, a snowpark with a top half-pipe, ski schools, children's mini resort and after skiing swimming or perhaps archery. The ski resort on the slopes of Plešivec is currently the youngest resort and of course, it uses the latest technologies. Fast and comfortable cableways, moving walkways, over 10 km of slopes, a ski service, a ski school.

Complete artificial snowing is commonplace in both centers. You can also ski wonderfully farther to the northeast - e. g., in the ski resort Klíny (four artificial snowing slopes, the chair lift, night skiing, snowpark) or Telnice (two-seater chair lift, six T-bar lifts, 5 km of slopes, snowpark). At the very opposite end, above Marianské lázně, there is the ski resort Mariánky with a cable lift and 1600 meters of downhill slopes.

Kite raids on snow

Downhill skiing or snowboarding themselves provide quite a lot of adrenaline but what is that compared to snowkiting!

You can have fun for example in the Kite Center in Abertamy, within sight of the already mentioned Plešivec. The Kite Center has a great advantage - 900 meters height above sea level guarantee plenty of snow from November to late March. Perfectly adapted Freestyle snowkite park is completed by incalculable surfaces tempting to kite landboarding and freeride snowkiting. Of course, official kite school and rental are available. You can ride yourself, attend various camps led by top riders, but you can go farther on a snowy meadow of the Krušné Mountains on long expeditions. Towed by kite and led by an experienced guide, you can enjoy a completely different way of winter and perfectly merge with the mountains.

Just ski through the immense plains

There isn't a much prettier sound than when cross country skis cut the snow.

A landscape that takes one‘s breath away with its gentle snowy beauty and a person is dependent only on the strength of his legs and arms. If the Krušné Mountains have something really special, then undoubtedly it is the cross-country skiing terrains. Beautiful and in many places completely untouched wilderness of ridges, the wooded Krušné Mountains giants is interwoven perfectly with milled and perfectly ironed tracks. The Krušné Mountains main trackconnects all cross-country skiing areas and you can find them in each of the above-mentioned downhill areas. The time, when boundaries are nothing but an imaginary line drawn on a map, brought a truly gourmet connection with hundreds of kilometers of trails in neighboring Germany. You can wonderfully exhaust yourself on the 30 kilometer long track just around Klínovec, 120 km ribboned options await you around the neighboring Boží Dar. There is a chance to meet the hard-training Lukáš Bauer. And he certainly knows best where the terrain is really worth it. If you will continue farther along the ridge you will come into the Krušné Mountains white track, consisting of nearly 250 km long trails around Klíny, Lesná and Dlouhá Louka to Bouřňák, Fojtovice and Telnice with a smooth connection to the hundreds of kilometers of German trails. Cross-country skiing in the woods and meadows of the mountain Děčínský Sněžník has a totally unique atmosphere. This, you can crown the incredible view of local stone viewing tower - a lighthouse above foggy sea. And if you are an avowed believer of solitary cross-country skiing through the terrain without prepared track, it's hard to find land more promised to cross-country freestylers in the Czech Republic.

If you have enough of skiing, go down to the spa

And we are at the next unique aspect of the Krušné Mountains. From time immemorial precious metals were sought and found there and so mineral springs have always gushed from the mountain slopes.

There is really a wonderful opportunity to comfortably combine a variety of sporting activities with relaxation in the spa foothill towns and villages, entrust yourself into the hands of strong and experienced masseurs, indulge in some body treatments, relieving baths, simply repay our bodies for how they reliably retained us on the slope or on the plains. There is a globally unique opportunity in the area of Klínovec, Plešivec and Abertamy. Just go down to Jáchymov. Spa Jáchymov has been using radon water springs for more than 100 years and is the oldest radon spa in the world. The extraordinary energetic effect of the enriched water with radon is used to treat the musculoskeletal system. Can you imagine a more meaningful form of relaxation after skiing than right here? Pamper yourself with some of wellness packages, try a radon bath, oxygen therapy, the salt cave, the aqua gym, dozens of kinds of massages, go for a swim and have fun in the local Aquacentre Agrikola. Your body will thank you loudly and the next day you will be able to win the World Cup. If you go down the slopes of the Krušné Mountains in the Cínovec area, in a moment you will be in Teplice. Here, your body will be gratified by thermal water, whose healing effects have been known for nearly two thousand years. Here the nerves and blood vessels access the muscular system, so again salutary care of the body used up during skiing. Once again, we will find an admixture of radon and moreover, the richly represented minerals and naturally high water temperature will contribute to your relief. Choose from four bathhouses and enjoy some of the classic treatments, massages, baths and swimming pool.

Cultural tips

The Krušné Mountains seek inclusion on the list of the UNESCO as a unique Montanregion in a cross-border project, they have many sights from the history of mining.

Some of them you can visit in the winter. Do not miss the sightseeing adit St. Martin above Krupka near Teplice and visiting Jáchymov. At the local museum you can find an exhibition of the Royal Mint, where in addition to the history of coinage you can discover a lot of information about the former silver mining, including a mobile model of mining activities.

At the museum in Boží Dar you will also see some mining artifacts accompanied by interesting ethnographic and mineralogical exhibits. The atmosphere of the Krušné Mountains crafts search in the permanent exhibition of toys and wood products in Nová Ves v Horách - in a nearby shop you can buy a unique souvenir, maybe a distinctive nutcracker. The neo-Gothic castle in Klášterec nad Ohří is open year-round and you can find really wonderful and rare porcelain exhibition from collections of The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague there.