Broumovské stěny

Broumovské stěny

Rock City, quaint stone mushrooms, spectacular views and a legendary Baroque chapel – welcome to Broumovské stěny!

From the wooded ridge between Police nad Metují and Broumov you will have the rock city Adršpach, the mysterious stolová hora Ostaš, and the monumental Broumovský Baroque monastery at your fingertips. But do not leave too early – all around you lies beautiful virgin nature, romantic rock formations and gorges.

Chapel on Hvězda

The most visited spot in Broumovské stěny and likewise an important crossroads of hiking trails is the Baroque chapel of Our Lady of the Snows on Hvězda. The name Hvězda (Star) came about around 1670, when a wooden cross was erected on top of the rocks with a gold-plated star on top of it visible from afar for the orientation of hikers. Today, in addition to the chapel, you will find a tourist lodge with a restaurant.

You will be guided from Hvězda to the most interesting spots of Broumovské stěny by marked hiking trails. Worth seeing is a romantic rocky canyon called Kovářova rokle, lined up to 100 meters high by blocks of rock. The gorge is only 2 meters wide in places and you will find Marian Cave there.

Another popular place is Supí hnízdo (Vulture’s Nest), an observation point on the ridge of Broumovské stěny and nearby Hvězda. It offers a panoramic view from the Orlické Mountains, and the area around Náchod, Krkonoše and Adršpach rocks.

Large stone mushrooms

A popular, unique excursion for adults and young holidaymakers are the stone mushrooms, which you will see along a marked path from the village of Slavná. These oddly shaped rock formations resembling mushrooms were created by the uneven weathering of various layers of rock. Just a few hundred meters away lies the picturesque gorge Zaječí rokle and other rock formations with names as if from a fairy tale, for example, Lucifer, Devil’s Mother-In-Law, or Stone Gate.


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