The Liberec Zoo

The Liberec Zoo

The oldest Czech garden – home of the rare White tigers!

One of the oldest zoos in the Czech Republic has celebrated its 95th birthday. In the Czech Republic only in the Liberec Zoo in northern Bohemia, can you see the White Bengal tiger!

The Liberec Zoo has around 170 species with a total of more than 1000 individuals animals. Quite exceptional is one of the most comprehensive collections of predators on the old continent, also featuring, for example, bearded vultures, royal eagles, eastern hawks or the striated caracara. The zoo boasts the largest breeding group of critically endangered Somali wild asses in the Czech Republic, the only Himalayan Blue sheep breeding in the Czech Republic.

A rarity that you won’t just see anywhere

White tigers have been bred in the Liberec Zoo since 1994, when a sibling pair was imported from Sweden. After obtaining an unrelated male the zoo bred three cubs after eight years. White tigers are not albinos, they just suffer from a lack of basic color.

The zoo imported Chinese takin, brought from the Beijing Zoo in 2002 and two years later the first baby was born-a male called Golda. Since then the group has grown by seven other offspring of the Himalayan-hoofed animals.