The Olomouc Zoo

The Olomouc Zoo

Safari among deer, bison and elk in Moravia? In Olomouc it’s not a problem!

The Olomouc Zoo is full of surprises, which are not only enjoyed by the young ones. You can find a walk-through pen of red-macaques here or a 32 meter high observation tower. And after visiting the zoo, definitely don’t miss out on the Holy Trinity Column monument, which is listed in UNESCO, right in the center of Olomouc!

This Moravian zoo covers an area of over 42 hectares. The observation tower from which you can see the city of Olomouc as well as the Basilica on the Holy Hill is an attraction of the local garden. In the pavilions and outdoor enclosures the zoo today cares for nearly 300 animal species. They specialize here in giraffes, African ungulates, Nordic fauna and marine aquariums. The giant shark aquarium is a true rarity.

European safari

The total area of all five sites of the safari respecting the zoo-geographical zones will be 19 ha. Work will be completed in 2017. The first listed safari is called Eurasia with deers, bisons, mountain goats and other ungulates. Eurasia is followed by North America, Africa, Australia and the Arctic, and with them wolves, reindeers, kangaroos, giraffes, oryx and many other animals


Darwinova 29
779 00 Olomouc – Svatý Kopeček