Vráž Spa

Vráž Spa

Spa Hotel Vráž is only ten kilometres from the Royal Town of Písek.

Situated in beautiful chateau surrounding of forested landscape in the valley of the River Otava, the spa ensures its patients and guests peace, quiet and plenty of privacy. Spa care is provided in the building of a chateau built in 1875 in the neo-Gothic style by the Lobkowicz family of nobles, who used the building as their summer residence up to the year 1926.

Come and unwind…

In 1978, the village of Vráž was granted spa status. The current status plan of the municipality, which included the spa area in the spa zone with a significant restriction of other activities that are not directly related to the provision of spa care, also takes into account the spa status. The village of Vráž supports the development of spas.

Due to the needs of the Diabetes Association of the Czech Republic and the Czech Diabetological Society of the Czech Medical Association JEP as well as the heads of rehabilitation clinics, we decided to cooperate on the project of revitalization of such affected patients. Patients after amputation due to injuries, diabetes, vascular events have so far had a limited possibility of follow-up professional care.
The chateau and the added treatment and accommodation pavilions are surrounded by the lush greenery of the English-style park and the forest. The chateau and the English-style park constitute a cultural heritage site. This has helped to maintain the original character of the whole area and prevent it being spoiled by insensitive human activity.

Where next?

If you are staying in the region for at least a few days, you should also visit other interesting places in the surrounding area. You can set out in search of a wonderful Baroque square and superb beer to České Budějovice. Not far from here, you can also visit one of the most beautiful Czech chateaux, Hluboká, conspicuously reminiscent of the English Windsor Castle. Make sure to also visit medieval Tábor, a city inherently linked with the Hussite movement, which had an important impact on the history of the Czech lands.


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