Hodonín Spa

Hodonín Spa

Hodonín Spa

Hodonín Spa is one of the newest spa facilities in the Czech Republic. The spa complex is located in a beautiful park, which excels with its interesting garden architecture. The therapeutic complex is made up of two spa houses. Clients who are paying for themselves can use the new Spa House Eva with a capacity of 104 beds and its own balneo operation. Hodonín Spa is also a sought-after place for rest and relaxation.

Come and unwind…

Hodonin Spa has held a tradition of providing targeted therapeutic and rehabilitation care for over thirty years. The high level of treatment is not only given from the natural healing source, but also by the professionalism and quality service from their staff by using the latest techniques and methods. Staff specializes particularly in treating the musculoskeletal system with a focus on inflammatory rheumatic diseases, arthritis, vertebral syndromes and ankylosing spondylitis. We provide treatment for long-term problems, such as pre-operative and post-operative recuperation, as well as rehabilitation after injuries. Our spa has earned a favorable reputation due to our unique rehabilitation of joint replacements. Further focuses include treating diseases that inflict the cardiovascular system and also neurological disorders.

Due to a high level of spa care, staff professionalism, and the quality of its additional services, Hodonín Spa is currently among the most sought-after spa facilities in the Czech Republic. It shows in the honors that Hodonín Spa has received such as a certification from the European Spas Association (ESPA) for infrastructure and safety. Also a certificate of quality from the Association of Hotels and Restaurants in the Czech Republic for providing superior levels of accommodation and additional services that exceed expectations.

Where next?

We try to bring the uniqueness of South Moravia folklore closer to the visitors of Hodonín with performances by local ensembles. Lovers of classical and modern music concerts will also enjoy themselves. You can come with us to the wine cellars, castles, sail the Morava River and visit other famous places in the region all year round. Undoubtedly, the most popular cultural events include the Spa Cultural Cocktail - the beginning of the spa season or the Spa Vintage, which take place every year in the spa area.


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