Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

The heart is an important organ, which is something people have known since ancient times. It is considered to be the symbol of life and of love. Thanks to preventive check-ups, you will rest assured that it is in good condition.

Why Choose the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic has celebrated important milestones in cardiac surgery: in 1984 it had its first successful heart transplant, and in 2013 Czech doctors performed the first ever mitral valve surgery using a catheter to introduce tools into the heart via an artery, eliminating the need to open the chest. The primary success of Czech cardiology of the last 20 years can be considered the reduction of death rates from cardiovascular disease by 26 % in men and 21 % in women.

Cardiac care in the Czech Republic is of excellent quality and is constantly evolving; endoscopic and minimally invasive procedures are coming to the fore, which allow more rapid recuperation and reduce post-operative complications. One new method is robotic surgery using da Vinci robots. This method accelerates post-op recovery even further, and substantially reduces post-operative complications.
The Czech Republic is globally recognized as a country with an excellent system of care for those suffering from acute coronary symptoms, especially the treatment of acute myocardial infarctions (heart attacks). It possesses sufficient comprehensive cardiovascular centres as well as educated and experienced specialists in the field, who among other things focus on cardiac procedures following a heart attack, whose goal is to prevent further attacks.


Preventive Check-ups

Specialized centres focus on an overall cardiac diagnosis, which is why a preventive check-up of heart activity and the vascular system is popular and beneficial. It consists of a clinical examination by a cardiologist, lab tests, an ECG, an echocardiogram, and computer tomography (CT). The check-up can also be supplemented with Doppler ultrasound examinations of blood vessels, an X-ray or CT scan of the heart and lungs, or an angiograph, which is a special X-ray examination of the blood vessels. If you choose an agency to make your arrangements, they can supply you with precise information on what type of check-up can be requested (there are three levels of complexity) and which facilities provide these services.

  • check-up duration: various
  • total anaesthetic: depending on the nature of the procedure
  • hospitalization: depending on the nature of the procedure

What Treatments Does the Czech Republic Offer?

Cardiovascular surgery clinics focus on heart operations in adults, including heart transplants and reconstruction of the aorta. At the forefront is surgical treatment of coronary heart disease. The number of patients operated on at a higher age and with risk factors is increasing. Czech clinics have also long been at the forefront of surgical treatment of hearth arrhythmia, of acquired valve defects, and of large blood vessel reconstruction