When it is too cold outside

When it is too cold outside

What to do in the mountains when it is too cold outside?

You were planning to hit the slopes today, but it´s freezing outside to the point of stinging your face, the wind is bending the treetops, and the windows are decorated with icy lace. Don´t fret! Even when it´s too cold for skiing, the Czech mountains offer plenty of other great ways to enjoy yourself. Have a soak in some wonderfully warming thermal springs. See how the world-famous Czech Christmas ornaments are made, or spend a romantic evening by the fireplace during a beer spa treatment. Your winter holidays needed to be spoiled by freezing weather.

What to do in the Krkonoše Mountains on one of those frosty days that have earned the highest Czech mountain range the moniker “a piece of the Arctic in the middle of Europe”? You can warm up at the Luční bouda (meaning Meadow Chalet), whose altitude of 1,410 metres above sea level makes it the hotel with the highest elevation in all of Central Europe. Awaken all your senses by submerging yourself in a beer spa and enjoying a local Paroháč beer. If your accommodation is located down in the valley, you can unwind, relax and have fun at the aquapark in Špindlerův mlýn. If you are still having a hard time warming your bones, visit the glass museum in Harrachov for a real blast of hot air! Here you can see for yourself just how difficult it is to blow even a regular drinking glass.

Taste a champion!

Caught by unexpectedly frigid temperatures in the Šumava Mountains? Then treat yourself to a trip to the Kout Brewery in Šumava! Not only will you see how the local beer is brewed, but you also will have the opportunity to taste it. The local Kout 12° can even boast the title “Best 12° beer in the Czech Republic 2010”.

Take home a piece of Christmas!

Would you like to bring back some beautiful souvenirs from your holidays to hang on your Christmas tree at home? The region of the Jizera Mountains is renowned for the production of Christmas ornaments. There are plenty of places where you can see for yourself what delicate work it is. For instance, you can visit the Ornex factory in Jablonec nad Nisou and learn why the Czech Republic is one of the world leaders in ornament production. Then you can go warm up at the Babylon Centre in Liberec, where you can beat the freezing weather with a pleasant exotic massage, relaxing spa treatment or by frolicking in the aquapark’s warm water.

Thermal springs you won’t want to leave

What could be more pleasant in freezing weather than soaking in thermal waters and enjoying some celestial peace? You can find this blissful combination in Velké Losiny, located in the beautiful Jeseníky Mountains. The Beskid Mountains in North Moravia even boast beer spas where you can optimally unwind. You can find them, for example, at the Hotel Bahenec in Písek u Jablunkova or in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, where you can enhance your visit with beer wraps and aromatherapy. After a while your thoughts will start floating off into the clouds and the outdoor temperatures will completely cease to bother you.