Luhačovice Spa for Children

Luhačovice Spa for Children

A picturesque spa where your children can truly relax

The spa is situated in a valley in the White Carpathians protected landscape area. The unique curative springs make Luhačovice a top European medical spa that primarily specialises in treating respiratory disorders. The Luhačovice Spa is the only spa in the country that holds the prestigious certificate of the 2016 ESPA Innovation Awards for the best European innovation in medical spa services by the European Spas Association, awarded for the newly built balneotherapy facility with carbonated baths.

Luhačovice Spa specialisation

  • Diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs
  • Skin diseases
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Recovery after oncological treatment
  • Obesity

Terms and conditions

  • Children are treated from the age of 1.5 years to 18 years through the fully covered comprehensive spa treatment.
  • Children under 6 must be accompanied by parents to all prescribed procedures.


The Miramonti and Vítkov children’s facilities offer hotel accommodation where a team of experienced paediatricians, physical therapists and nurses take care of children. The children’s facility furnishings are also suitable for children with strong allergies.



Spa procedures are provided in new, modern balneotherapy facilities. Children are provided a 24/7 paediatric and nurse service. The spa treatment includes dietary treatment, education, physical therapy and procedures with the use of natural curative sources, such as drinking the Vincentka mineral spring.
A happy child in the spa is essential for successful treatment. For example, the balneotherapy facility with carbonated baths in the Miramonti sanatorium is designed as a water world with lighthouses, fish and seahorses. A starry sky shines above children’s heads and they can even watch TV during the treatment.
The Luhačovice mineral waters are used for inhalations, gargling and nose rinsing as they improve the function of the respiratory tract mucous membranes and have anti-inflammatory effect. Children bathe in natural curative water with CO2 content at 34°C. The initial feeling of cold disappears as soon as the body is enclosed in the warm coat of bubbles. CO2 is absorbed by skin, which improves blood circulation and has a favourable effect on the heart and the vascular system.
Klimkovice Spa for Children
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