Darkov Spa - Rehabilitation Expert

Darkov Spa - Rehabilitation Expert

Modern Professional Health Rehabilitation Resort

Darkov Spa is a leading spa and rehabilitation resort in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest iodine spas in Europe. Our Spa is worldwide known for the iodine-bromine brine. Our resort is specialised in the treatment of locomotive, nervous and circulatory system, skin and gynaecological diseases. In addition, conditions after injuries, surgeries and cerebrovascular events and burns are also successfully treated here. Every year we help more than 15000 clients. You can visit the historic spa in a beautiful park or a modern rehabilitation sanatorium. There is a wide network of bike paths in the area, a picturesque park where you can ride a scooter, practice yoga or try Nordic Walking.
Provided care with more than 150 years of tradition is based on the natural wealth of iodine-bromine water with high content of iodine, the professional staff, and the latest medical technology, including robotic devices. We offer a pleasant place for stay and a wide range of services for the healing and relaxation of our clients.
We specialize in treatment of locomotor apparatus, rheumatic and degenerative diseases, posttraumatic and postoperative conditions including artificial joints and discs, treatment of neurological diseases, circulatory system, and also skin and gynaecological diseases.

Robotic rehabilitation significantly improves and strengthens the effect of classical rehabilitation methods. A special form of exercises with the robot assistance is a great benefit for patients, who achieve significantly better results.


Darkov‘s natural healing source is heavily mineralized hypertonic chlorosodic iodine-bromine mineral water. Our „Darkov Gold“ iodine-bromine brine is the healing wealth of Darkov Spa. The concentration of iodine is higher than in coastal areas. The brine has a beneficial effect on the vascular system, helps in treatment locomotive and nervous system as well as in the treatment of gynaecological and skin diseases. The baths in this water are everyday part of the local balneorehabilitation.


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