Spa of Třeboň

Spa of Třeboň

Come and let us spoil you. We will caress both your body and your mind

The Peat Spa of Třeboň are specialists in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system and offer a wide range of both therapeutic and relaxation stays in the houses of Berta´s and Aurora Spa. Just a few days of relaxation may make you will feel fit again. Enjoying your holiday along with walks in the beautiful setting of the historic town in combination with the effects of the spa procedures is the treat you can reward yourself or your family members.
The traditional complex spa treatments take advantage of the healing power of the natural healing source found in the area of Třeboň – the peat.

The tradition of bath treatments dates to 1883 when Berta´s Spa, the first bath house, was built near the old town. The citizens of Třeboň employed the experience of their ancestors who, by that time, had been taking advantage of the healing qualities of peat for centuries. The properties of the peats from Třeboň peat bogs in nearby are very effectively reflected in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. The main effect of peat baths is heating the organism, skin hydration and increase of stamina. In patients with walking difficulties the peat baths cause reduction of muscle tension, provides better blood circulation of tissues and a faster regeneration.

Comfort in the heart of a park, cozy accommodation, exquisite gastronomy, a wellness center boasting a pool. In short, everything under a single roof. The Spa complex Aurora is located in the peaceful setting of a large park on the bank of the “Svět” pond. It has gained particular popularity for providing the comforts – accommodation, boarding, therapies, and wellness – all under one roof to its guests.

Under the walls of the chateau, on the right bank of Zlatá stoka – the Golden canal – you will find true family well-being and peace in the heart of Třeboň, with a tradition going back almost more than 140 years. Spa Berta is located in historical center of Třeboň, very close to the Municipal historical reservation area and Golden Canal which form part of the Třeboň Protected Landscape Area.