The Třeboň Region

The Třeboň Region

The Třeboň Region and its unspoilt countryside

The Třeboň Region is a magical place, and one of the most picturesque in the entire Czech Republic. Here you’ll uncover lots of idyllic countryside, which man has been painstakingly transforming since the 14th century. The result of these efforts is over 6,000 lakes, many small islands, mysterious wetlands, marshes and peat bogs, providing a habitat to countless rare species of flora and fauna. The entire region is packed with medieval fortresses and Renaissance towns, creating a special landscape, now one of UNESCO’s biosphere reserves.

Today’s Třeboň Region was created in medieval times, when fish farming was first being developed. The name Třeboň carp, since 2007 an EU protected product, is a guarantee of the highest quality. In Czech cooking it has a very special role as it’s traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve. Some of the biggest lakes are Svět and Rožmberk, the largest in the Czech Republic.

You’ll hardly find a hill in this region. The Třeboň Region thus provides excellent conditions for some easy cycling for families with children. But the Novohradské Mountains right next door have some rather more challenging terrain and are popular among cyclists looking for a bit of excitement.

Wealth of history in local sights

The Třeboň Region, however, offers much more than just this mysterious watery landscape. A high level of cultural development among the noble families of the area over the centuries led to the construction of luxurious castles and flamboyant towns. The obvious heart of the region is the spa town of Třeboň, where you can stroll through the picture-perfect historical centre or take a tour of the Renaissance chateau. And don’t forget to visit the nearby and quite ostentatious Schwarzenberg mausoleum, where 26 members of this illustrious family have been laid to rest.

Discover a region of Renaissance chateaux and famous artists

During your time in the Třeboň Region you certainly shouldn’t miss a visit to one of the most attractive towns in the entire land. Jindřichův Hradec boasts a large Renaissance chateau steeped in legends about the White Lady, a.k.a. Perchta of Rožmberk.

The story of Ema Destinová, one of the most famous opera singers of the 20th century who once ruled the opera world, is told at the palace in Stráž nad Nežárkou. She began her career in Berlin and was later hired by the Metropolitan Opera in New York. She sang countless works and even wrote several poems and novels of her own.