Near the Pohansko hunting lodge, which is part of the unique Lednice-Valtice complex, an open-air archaeological museum is gradually being built on the site of a significant lowland fortified settlement. It takes you back to the time of the Great Moravian Empire in the 9th century. It is a powerful experience to visit a replica of a cultic site with wooden idols of pagan deities.
At the Empire-style hunting lodge built in the early 19th-century you will now find an archaeological exhibition dedicated to the Slavic settlement of Pohansko. The open-air museum is located on a site where from the 9th to the 11th century one of the largest fortified settlements of its time was built in Central Europe. Here you can see a pagan shrine, skeletal remains from a 10th-century burial site, the living quarters of ancient Slavs, a well, and a ceramic stove from the 9th century.