Brdy – the highest purely Czech mountains

Brdy – the highest purely Czech mountains

Preserved nature

Brdy, the highest purely Czech mountains, experienced what it means when man pervades nature. They experienced the era of romantic tourism, as well as the era of military training, which preserved the forests to this day. The area opened to the public in January 2016.
The name Brdy comes from the word “brdo”, which means a forested hill. The mountains start in Prague Zbraslav and stretch south-west towards Příbram and Rokycany. The highest peaks of Brdy exceed an altitude of 800 m. In 1926, a training zone for troops was established in central Brdy, and it became a military training area in 1950. It preserved the local nature for almost 65 years. In 2016, the whole area was pronounced a protected landscape area.

Today, Brdy offers hundreds of kilometres of hiking and cycling trails, many interesting sites for those who love the wild, and peace and quiet for all tourists. The Brdy Protected Landscape Area is intertwined with hundreds of kilometres of paved roads, and the distances between the individual interesting sites are practically made for bike touring. Many of the most beautiful sites can be visited in one trip. For example, you can go on a 50-kilometre trip that starts and ends in Strašice and goes through the former village of Kolvín, Padrťské ponds, Praha peak with a meteorological radar and two beautiful scenic views, the highest Brdy mountain of Tok, and past the Tři Trubky hunter’s lodge.

Just like the Krkonoše or Orlické Mountains, Brdy also has its guardian, the ghost Fabián, who resides at the rock called Fabiánovo lože (which is allegedly his cursed castle) on top of Velká Baba (615 m).


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