The Rosicko and Oslavansko Mining Regions

The Rosicko and Oslavansko Mining Regions

By bike or on foot in search of Moravian miners

Get to know the landscape around Rosice by bike or on foot on the Permoník Trail in South Moravia. Mining has been done here in ten different mines since the middle of the 18th century; the deepest mining galleries in all of Central Europe were to be found here.
We begin at the railway station of the village of Zastávka, taking cycle route 5173. From here, wagons dispensed coal to all corners of the world as early as during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is only a few minutes to the Ferdinand mine. The more physically able can climb the local heap, a hill of mined gangue (worthless mined material).  Let's head further to Babice and Zbýšov, around the Museum of Industrial Railways. Take the steam or diesel train alone or with your kids. The heap in Zbýšov is famous for its fascinating view. And they have another rarity - a technical monument, the mining tower of the Simson mine, 24 metres high. At the turn of the Century, miners in the Rosice-Oslavany coal basin reached a depth of 1.5 km below the earth's surface.

From the Permoník Trail, a cosy resting place by the former brickyard will take you to a green tourist sign. The natural monument Rybičková skála, a crag, has a beautiful spectacle prepared for its visitors. The rock "canvas" on a forty-metre section features fossilised fish and plants. A true record of primordial and nature.

You will walk through Neslovice and Kratochvilka, past the monument dedicated to the victims of World War II and then turn right to the Nature Trail that will take you through the history of Rosice. Around the Chapel of the Holy Trinity and along the linden tree alleyway, it will take you to Rosice. The coal baron Rahn worked here, when you walk through the village, you will see his family tomb. And what must you not miss? The Rosice castle is a renaissance pearl – in its romantic halls, look up at the beautiful ceilings or descend into a rare anti-nuclear shelter under the castle garden.

Museum of Mining and Power Engineering in Oslavany

An interesting exhibition in Oslavany will introduce you to the history of hard coal mining. Ten mines were operating in the area since the middle of the 18th century. In the museum, you will learn about various methods of mining, the life of the miners and rescue strategies employed in emergency situations. The life-size model of the mining corridor with stoping, including the mining locomotive, is quite impressive. You will get acquainted with the 1st large steam power plant in Moravia, you will walk through the control room and the telephone exchange. From here, coal travelled to the world during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And where was the electricity going? The museum also exhibits period lamp radios, turntables, tape recorders and televisions. Go back through the last two centuries and discover the world of mining that has allowed industry to flourish.