Broumov in Winter

Broumov in Winter

A winter holiday in the Broumov region has a mystical atmosphere

Nature and trips to the charming winter countryside, interwoven with the sparkle of white snowflakes. Winter months in the Broumov region are full of incomparable nature sceneries with rocky corners and snowy hills, which you can see, for example, from the scenic vista at Ruprechtický Špičák. However, the highest peak in the Javoří Mountains is not the only attraction enticing one to visit.

Adršpach Rocks in winter

The Adršpach Rocks are traditionally also accessible in winter. Whether you can walk through the rocks entirely, or just through their oldest part known as the “Old Region” (from the entrance to the small waterfall) only depends on the weather. Covered in snow, the rocks suddenly look very different, and walking through them is literally dreamy. The waterfalls are hidden in the ice, the rocks are frosted and covered by blankets of snow as if under a winter spell cast by a sorcerer. The only place that is not accessible in winter is the rock lake, cruised by boats in summer. The lake is emptied for the winter. On the other hand, the lake in the former sand quarry just past the entrance is there to be admired in all its beauty, no matter the weather. In winter, there are not as many tourists in the Adršpach Rocks as in summer. You will experience peace and quiet there, just like anywhere else in the Broumov region.

Teplice Rocks in winter

The entire hiking trail through the Teplice Rocks is also accessible in winter. It can be an adventure after a heavy snowfall, but the trail is accessible on regular winter days. The deep Siberian gorges seem to be clutched more under the snow, the slowly freezing Skalní stream gurgles under your feet. On sunny days, the cathedral walls are illuminated by the setting sun late in the afternoon, the cathedral squares are unusually quiet. You can make the trip to the Teplice Rocks a bit longer and hike up the highest peak of the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks – Čáp. At the top, there is a lookout tower with beautiful panoramic views from the Krkonoše Mountains to the Orlické Mountains.

Broumov Rocks in winter

The ridge of the Broumov Rocks is mostly sought after by fit tourists for its wilderness. Naturally, the main points with beautiful views can be reached by a short walk from the nearby car parks. But crossing the whole ridge of the Broumov Rocks takes time. It is beautiful in winter and most tourist trails are accessible with a bit of caution. The frosty mornings, when mists roll around the Broumov valley, are unforgettable. In winter, when there is enough snow, you can use snowshoes. The cross-country ski trails lead below the Rocks through the Broumov valley, or along the hill slopes from Police nad Metují. But the area around Machov, at the boundary between the Broumov Rocks and the Polish Table Mountains, is a true paradise for cross-country skiers.

Broumov Geopark does not hibernate

The National Broumov Geopark offers many opportunities to also hike and explore wild nature in winter. You can take off individually on geo-hiking trips to dozens of natural attractions in the Broumov highlands. You can also visit some mining monuments, such as the Žacléř open-air mining museum, or the copper mine called Bohumír in Jívka, which also have their unique charm in winter.