Relax & Sport Resort Dolní Morava

Relax & Sport Resort Dolní Morava

Have mountains of fun at the Dolní Morava ski resort!

Right below the peak of Králický Sněžník, you will find one of the most modern ski resorts in the Czech Republic. Get ready not just for the superbly maintained slopes and top-notch facilities here but also for bundles of fun snowtubing or riding the adrenalin-inducing bobsleigh track. In short, the Dolní Morava Relax & Sport Resort is a place where you definitely won’t get bored.

After a ski bus from Dolní Morava, one of two chairlifts will take you to the highest point of the entire area, with an altitude of 1,140 metres above sea level. From here you will take in the magnificent panorama of a winter kingdom, reigned over by the majestic Králický Sněžník range, which has the symbolic designation of the “roof of Europe” because it is a European watershed tripoint.

Something for everyone

Once you have sufficiently soaked in the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, you can decide what type of ski slope to descend. If you are an experienced skier, head to the valley on a nearly half-kilometre black slope. Intermediate skiers usually select the 1.5-kilometre red slope. If you feel that your downhill skills could use some improvement, there are almost 2 kilometres of piste with a low difficulty level. So which will it be?

Try snowtubing and bobsleighing!

In addition to the standard resort services, the Dolní Morava Relax & Sport Resort offers so much more. Have you ever tried snowtubing? No? Then it’s definitely time to change that! Just rent an inflatable innertube and head down the 400-metre track for some bouncy fun. If you want to take a break from skiing, try a ride on the local bobsleigh track, which is in operation all year round, and enjoy a rush of adrenaline rush you’ll never forget. During the kilometre-long ride there are several 360-degree turns and drops of up to 6 metres. If you would rather calm your nerves a bit, submerge yourself in the pleasant world of aromas and pampering at the luxurious local wellness hotel.

Where else to go?

Do you like mysterious places shrouded in murky legends? If so, set your skis aside for a while and head to Velké Losiny. This beautiful little town, dominated by a magnificent Renaissance chateau, is inextricably linked with witch trials, which more than three centuries ago claimed 56 innocent lives. You can also visit one of the oldest still-functioning paper mills in Europe or take a dip in the hot thermal waters at the local spa.


Velká Morava 60, Dolní Morava, 561 69 Králíky