Although Harrachov cannot boast a mind-blowing altitude, it does offer skiers stellar conditions for winter sport. Thanks to its unique location, closed off from the south by Čertova Mountain, it has ample snow for five months of the year. When you add to this a variety of slopes of all difficulty levels, eight ski jumps – including one of mammoth proportions, outstanding services and facilities, the beautiful environment of the Krkonoše Mountains, and a wide range of nearby attractions, you get a place that is a dream for anyone who wants to enjoy a winter holiday full of skiing, fun, thrills and active relaxation.

It is said about Harrachov that there is half a year of cold here and half a year of winter. That’s because despite its relatively low altitude it has perfect snow conditions year after year. That’s why for many years it has been one of the most popular ski areas in the Czech Republic. The town itself, which lies in the lovely valley of the Mumlava River, became known throughout the world primarily because of the local glassworks. Today, one encounters ski enthusiasts from all over Europe who come to enjoy the rich menu of sport activities the town has to offer.

Three fun-filled ski areas

Harrachov is divided into three separate ski areas. The first of them is Čertova Mountain, which offers four slopes with a total length of 6.5 kilometres. If you want to give your body a workout and enjoy a bit of adrenaline, head to the steepest black run with a length of almost 1.3 kilometres. For less experienced skiers, there are two red slopes with lengths of 1.6 and 1.9 kilometres. The longest run in Harrachov is a blue slope with a length of 2.2 kilometres, designed for beginners and less proficient skiers. All slopes are equipped with snowmaking machines in case there is insufficient natural snow.

No time for boredom in Harrachov

Another Harrachov ski area is Zákoutí, which is really more of a ski school. If you want to improve your skills, this should be your first stop. A great bonus is the possibility of evening skiing. The last of the three ski areas in Harrachov is the 400-metre slope in Amálka. Due to the popularity of the Harrachov Ski Resort, you will find a large number of hotels, guest houses and places to eat here. To cap off your fun, you can finish your day at the cinema, in one of the many swimming pools, or on the tennis or squash court.

Where else to go?

Would you like to take a break from skiing for a while? Try out one of the other great attractions that Harrachov has to offer! For an experience you’ll never forget, take a ride on an almost kilometre-long heated bobsleigh track! You should not miss the local glassworks, which is the oldest one in the whole Czech Republic. A real balm not just for the soul is the Harrachov beer spa, where you can indulge in a pleasant bath with beer from the local mini-brewery. The town is also an excellent entry point for the Krkonošská magistrála, which offers dozens of kilometres of groomed cross-country trails.


Sportovní areál Harrachov, Rýžoviště 324, 512 46 Harrachov