With a Clear Head

With a Clear Head

Enjoy non-alcoholic beverages we love!

With a Clear Head
Discover the most famous non-alcoholic beverages that the Czechs love: the Czech cola and wine that won’t make your head spin.

If You Love It, There Is Nothing to Question

Kofola, the typical Czech cola beverage, created in the communist Czechoslovakia to compete with American Coca-Cola, became so popular that it is still made today. The Czechs are proud of their Kofola! They say there is nothing to question when you love it. It’s not as sweet as its American role model, you can taste the herbs and natural essences, and experts say it is sourer. It tastes best cooled and on tap and almost every restaurant serves it.

A Great Beer Taste, 0% Alcohol!

The Czech Republic is exceptional with its production of great beer. As anywhere else in the world, you’ll also find the non-alcoholic beer alternatives here. The best-known non-alcoholic beer in the Czech Republic is Birell, and you can find various versions of this popular drink, even fruity ones, in restaurants. If you’d like to see how the non-alcoholic beer is produced, visit one of the Czech breweries.

World Quality Wine

In Rakvice in South Moravia, you will find of few Czech wineries that produces non-alcoholic wines: Vinselekt Michlovský. According to the prestigious French Vins du monde, it is one of the best winemakers in the world. So why not taste their non-alcoholic wines? They are characterised by a light effervescence, thanks to which they maintain the taste and quality even without the alcohol. The winery also offers tours of its modern premises, guided by the best of experts.

Our tip
Traditional Czech brand Bohemia sekt makes excellent sparkling wine without alcohol. You can book a tour with wine tasting here.

Beat the Fatigue

The Czech Republic has abundance of mineral water springs. They are used in spa treatments or bottled to be drank. You can choose the best one for yourselves from the many different options. Some of them literally have miraculous effects. Mattoni, bottled near Karlovy Vary, is one of the most famous Czech mineral waters. The Museum of the Mattoni Brand and Mineral Bottling in Kyselka lets you take a peek at the production and learn more about the history of the brand. The popular Vincentka mineral water is from Luhačovice in Moravia. It used to be served at the royal court in Vienna! It helps with sore throat and with breathing issues. It mitigates the long covid effects. Near Bečov nad Teplou in West Bohemia, where the St. Maurus Reliquary can also be found, the Magnesia mineral water springs from the ground. It helps beat the fatigue with its high content of magnesium and other minerals.