Holidays in the countryside

Holidays in the countryside

A temporary return to the traditional way of life.

The top 5 places to visit of the Czech countryside! Plan your summer vacation or weekend with lots of activities on a homestead or farm.

Rural tourism in the Czech Republic is enjoying an unprecedented prosperity and is becoming a popular life trend. Especially people from larger cities with a desire to travel to places where life is less hectic and more natural. Try at least a short vacation as a clear ecological counterpart to your rapid pace of life. During breakfast you can taste delicate and delicious cheeses from a local farmer and for dinner you can grill chunk of fresh beef steak or enjoy roast lamb. Before going to bed you can have a glass of fresh milk and you can just lie down to a deep sleep on the fragrant straw mattress or bundle up in eiderdowns in a cottage and let yourself wake up to a crowing rooster.

Enjoy the holidays like at your grandmother’s, close to farm animals and untouched nature within reach. During trips to the surrounding countryside you can explore the attractions of the region, buy local food at a fair, undergo reconditioning horse riding, swim in the beautifully clean ponds, fish and roast your catch on a spit. Or collect sweet berries and enjoy clean air and absolute silence in the middle of the forest, which inhabitants of cities never stop longing for.

Decide if you prefer to spend your holiday in a region with mountain meadows, picturesque landscapes, great local liquor or a fairytale view of a nearby valley. You are welcome to places where you can experience the attractive story of your own screenplay. It doesn't matter that everyone finds the unmistakable charm of the Czech countryside in their own way.

Centre Veronica Hostětín

Visit the magic White Carpathians and enjoy a comfortable vacation with a strong experience in an eco guesthouse. It is built in Hostětín, a modern functioning village, because of its environmental activities the village was even visited by Britain's Prince Charles, who is known for his fight for similar principles. And the passive house of Centre Veronica is built according to these principles. It is surrounded by a magnificent natural garden and an orchard, so it is the ideal place for intense relaxation in nature. Observe crayfish in the crystal clear stream and count all the stars in the night sky. Is it even possible to resist this idyllic picture?

You can manually make the renowned bio apple juice, build insect houses, create a picture from sheep wool or enamel jewel, or bake a traditional Moravian frgál - a big cake. The centre is famous for its homemade cuisine, for which it uses organic food, local and fair trade ingredients. Literally right from the source, you can have the well-known Hostětín organic apple juice.

EcoFarm Blaník

A place south of Prague, ideal for a romantic weekend with a beautiful view of Blaník, from which you will take a series of intense memories. You can catch wooden fish with a hook in a small pond with a waterfall and live fish. The poultry backyard, the House of butterflies and beetles, an outdoor heated pool and the Relax-center are part of the complex. A free range for 100 animals is in the Farm-park, with attractions. You can attend an animal wedding, a feeding, a baptism or you can undergo horse training in a sand arena.

Order one of the local specialties in the romantic restaurant U Mančalů. Homemade cakes from the current menu or pancakes with blueberries and sour cream are served as a dessert.

Bio farm Slunečná

The lovely location near the Šumava National Park, Lipno Dam and the unique lake Plešné jezero is ideal for active and passive recreation. You can choose between cycling, water sports and fishing (you can try to catch your own carp in the local pond). From wellness services, it is possible to use the solarium, whirlpool bath and sauna.

Most of the adjacent lands are used as a pasture for sheep, goats and cattle, potatoes, vegetables and fruits are grown on other land. The poultry supplies guests with fresh eggs. Part of the organic farm is a modern factory, which produces goat, sheep and cow cheeses of unmistakably great taste. Not only can you taste all the products, you can also buy them.

The spacious apartments are conceived in a rustic style and furnished with antique furniture. Do not miss the colorful local breakfast consisting mainly of its own products in organic quality: milk, cheeses, yogurts, fruit, vegetables and meat products.

Bio farm Juré

This family eco farm with history dating back to 1920, including pastures, arable land and orchards, attracts even the most demanding supporters of organic products. Processed products satisfy the strict certification of ecological farming. You can choose from beef and sheep meat, eggs, buckwheat, walnuts, fruit jams and dried fruit. Allergic people welcome the opportunity to buy blankets, quilts and pillows from long bio wool, which cools in summer and warms in winters.

The small pub of Juré does not have a regular menu in the summer, but the owners assert that you will always get something good to eat. For example, you can try out the delicious flavor of meat baked in a wood oven, buckwheat specialties, home-made bread with lard and onion. All, who yearn for true relaxation and complete peace, appreciate the accommodation in a secluded forest.

Bee farm Nosek

Thanks to the crystal clean air in Telč in the Vysočina region, the varied composition of melliferous plants and gently processing, this farm offers products from honey in the highest possible quality. Its pasteurized honey, mead and Eliška honey pancakes can use the prestigious local brand Vysočina - a regional product.

Come see the local apiary, taste its mead, or one of the four types of honey. You can sit and bite into a honest home-made honey cake or taste delicious honey cookies with nuts. As refreshment, they will prepare delicious bee water with lemon juice and mint for you