Czech Republic seen from above

Czech Republic seen from above

Do you like lookout towers and vantage points? Did you know that Czech Republic ranks among the countries with most lookout points?

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They say the best view is from a horse’s back. But it is even more beautiful from the lookout towers and vantage points... and the Czech Republic has the most beautiful ones. It is currently estimated that there are over 400 view towers in Bohemia and Moravia combined. If you do not suffer from vertigo, you can visit some of the places listed below.

Lookout towers in Prague

You may be surprised by how many lookout towers there are in Prague. One of the most famous tower in the Czech Republic overlooking the capital is on the hill Petřín. The Petřín tower is a steel-framework tower and looks like a little sister of the Eiffel tower. It was built in 1891. Žižkov television tower offers an interesting view of Prague. With its 216 meters it is the tallest building in Prague. You can enjoy a nice view at 93 meters above ground or you can have a nice meal in the restaurant a few meters below.

Lookout towers in the Northern Bohemia

A unique view to all cardinal directions or authentic accommodation are offered at Ještěd. This famous mountain hotel with a television tower in the Northern Bohemia near the town Liberec is 100 meters tall. In Liberec region, you can walk up to the oldest iron lookout tower in Bohemia – Slovanka. It was built on a forested hill of the same name in 1887. An excellent look-around view is from the lookout tower Tanečnice (a dancer) – the northernmost tower in the Czech Republic. It is located near Mikulášovice at 598 meters above sea level and 138 stairs will lead you to a beautiful view. The famous tourist destination Jetřichovické stěny – a symbol of the Bohemian Switzerland - is not far from here. Lookout gazebo at Mariina vyhlídka (Mary’s lookout point) has been there for over 150 years.

The oldest lookout towers with views of the Alps

The lookout tower Poledník in Šumava has a special history. It used to be a military facility of the electronic security of the state borders. It is the third highest tower above sea level in the Czech Republic and if the weather is good you can even see the Alps. Provided the weather is good, the television tower Praděd in Jeseníky mountains provides stunning views. The top of this tower is the highest (though artificial) point in the Czech Republic – between 1637 to 1638 meters above sea level – which is higher than the highest mountain Sněžka (1603 meters above sea level). You can enjoy the views at a 70 meters high platform. A romantic lookout tower is the Minaret in the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape in Southern Moravia. It is the oldest extant lookout tower in the Czech Republic (built in 1802) and at the same time the only minaret in the country. It has three lookout galleries and the highest one can be reached after 302 stairs.

Views and walks

You can find tree crown trails in the Czech Republic and they are very popular with tourists. The very first tree crown trail in the Czech Republic was built in the south of Bohemia near Lipno. It is open all year round and it is 372 meters long. The trail ends with a 40-meter lookout tower. In 2015, the Sky Walk in Dolní Morava was opened. Its shape is to resemble movement of a night-time butterfly. The Sky Walk is located near the upper station of the chairlift on Sněžník at 1116 meters above sea level. Krkonoše mountains also have their own tree crown trail. It is in Jánské Lázně and you can walk 1500 meters in the tree crowns and enjoy the view from 45 meters above ground.