Boubín and Boubín Forest

Boubín and Boubín Forest

Explore Boubín Forest in Šumava and see how thousands of years ago the forests of Central Europe looked!

Boubín (1362 m), together with the neighboring Bobík (1264 m), dominates the southeastern part of Šumava. Even more popular than the actual peak is the nature reserve Boubín Forest, the largest indigenous forest in Central Europe, where several spruces, firs, beeches and maples reach the age of 300-400 years.

A forest older than mankind

We can thank a huge storm that swept over Šumava in January 1724 and caused extensive damage for the creation of Boubín Forest. Mining in the inaccessible mountainous areas was so difficult and expensive that the forest giants were left to their fates. In 1858, part of the age-old borderland forest was converted into a nature reserve.

The forest offers an amazing spectacle: the tree trunks are twisted, the roots entangled and the bark wrinkled and full of strange formations. The old core of the forest is fenced in and a circular nature trail runs around the perimeter of Boubín Forest. The starting point is Lake Boubín, a former water reservoir for floating timber to the glass factory in nearby Lenora.

Into the wilderness and observation point

The forest and observation point on Mount Boubín can be reached using the shortest trail from Kubova Huť, where at an altitude of 995 meters you will find the highest railway station in the Czech Republic. The forest can also be reached from Kaplice from the information center for Šumava National Park Idina pila. You can get to the lake by bicycle, but cyclists must continue on foot if they take the nature trail.

The height of Boubín, extended 21 meters by the observation tower, surpasses the highest peak in the Czech part of Šumava, Plechý (1378 m), by several meters. It offers a wonderful panoramic view of the surroundings, and weather permitting, you will even see the Alps.


Centralní parkoviště Boubínský prales
Kaplice pod Boubínem 40
384 42 Kubova Huť