Fairytale mountain village, picturesque nature and a mysterious ghost – all this is Rejvíz!

The glass and wooden village of Rejvíz is considered, together with Mount Praděd, as the most beautiful place in the Jeseníky. The plateau with picturesque half-timbered houses, surrounded by meadows and forests, is reminiscent of a fairy tale, and a unique nature reserve lies close by!

Carved chairs of Rejvíz Inn

The biggest attraction in Rejvíz, the highest village in Silesia (780 meters above sea level), is the weaving museum next to the church and Rejvíz Inn. People have been coming from all over Europe to the timbered inn dating back to 1795 to look at its collection of original carved chairs, with backrests in the shape of regular local visitors. Today, they make these chairs on order for everyone, but few people know that the tradition was founded in the early 20th century by the then owner of the inn, Mr. Brauner, a carpenter from Jeseník.

From Rejvíz to Moss Lake

Rejvíz is a good starting point for hiking and cycling tours and winter cross-country skiing. One of the favorite tourist destinations is the Great Moss Lake, the largest peat bog in Moravia, which was formed 6000 – 7000 years ago. The layer of peat in it is up to 3 meters high. Not far from it lies Small Moss Lake, which is, however, overgrown and not open to the public. The marshy area of the mysterious black water lakes are interspersed with boardwalks, lost in the gloom of the forest – this protects the rare nature reserve from damage and permits excursions around it only on foot!

The phantoms of Rejvíz

Like Moss Lake, legends about a local ghost, about the phantom shepherd Gill, have a special gloomy character about them. Some legends represent him as a little shepherd boy, in other legends, however, he is a scary old man who wanders around the bogs numb and hungry and calling out for help. Answering the call of the lake shepherd is not advisable, and whoever happens to pity him and call back will die within a year. It is said that anyone who dares approach him will be dragged down by Gill into the bottomless swamp. But because the spirit has designs especially for those who wander off the marked trails, you just have to keep to the safe walkways. By the way, a carved statue of Gill the shepherd can be seen at the inn together with the famous chairs.

Another legend surrounding the lake itself: It is said that if you look into the dark water of the lake, you will see the tower of the legendary city of Hunohrad. Its residents reportedly expelled missionaries Cyril and Methodius and God’s punishment was to let the city disappear into the marsh.