Czech Summer with the Sound of Early Music

Czech Summer with the Sound of Early Music

Listen to the music of Renaissance and Baroque masters!

Czech Summer with the Sound of Early Music
We are introducing music festivals where you can hear pieces that radios do not usually play. They are musical gems that have been around for hundreds of years. We have some tips where to listen to the early music: music from the medieval, Renaissance or Baroque era. And where to take a step back in time thanks to a festival…

The Unique Charm of Early Music

The sounds of old instruments and harmonies they play may seem rather exotic these days. Who can play a lyra, a lute or a medieval pipe today? Such instruments are only for avid connoisseurs. And thanks to that the ensembles that play early music offer a completely unique experience to their audiences. You can hear Renaissance music at special festivals or period fairs. On the other hand, there are music ensembles that specialise in Baroque music, such as Collegium Marianum from Prague associated with the Early Music Summer Festival, or Czech Ensemble Baroque, which you can hear at the Znojmo Music Festival. Watch a Baroque show, an opera or listen to a concert in one of the preserved chateau Baroque theatres.

Five-Petalled Rose Festival (17–19 June)

Travel back to the times of tournaments and beautiful ladies!
This summer weekend in Český Krumlov in South Bohemia belongs to the traditional Renaissance festival. Visitors can look forward to two hundred programmes at ten stages all over the town, offering the best of historical music, theatre, fencing and dance, not only from the Gothic and Renaissance periods. The programme will also include conjurer and fire shows, period games for children and adults alike, period markets at the chateau and in the town, and an array of historical dishes. There will be composed historical programmes, allegoric rafts on River Vltava or fireworks above the chateau. The programme is organised by local artists and associations, as well as international guests in period costumes.

Early Music Summer Festival (17 July – 4 August)

A festival for early music lovers
The Early Music Summer Festival is the largest and longest early music festival in Prague. The best international musicians who play original historical instruments or their copies come to the Czech Republic because of this festival. They perform pieces in modern premieres, not only at the Czech level, but also in the global context. The festival is unique with its outreach into Baroque theatre and dance. One of the features of the festival is the combination of beautiful architecture and music of the corresponding style. The concerts and performances take place in the Baroque landmarks of Prague. You will look inside the Strahov Monastery, the Baroque hall of Šlechtovka in the Stromovka park, the Troja Chateau or the interiors of selected Prague churches.

Baroque Tradition Days in Litomyšl (14–18 August)

The spiritual dimension of Baroque music in the 21st century
The Baroque Tradition Days in Litomyšl is a unique project that endeavours to bring modern people closer to Baroque music and to remind us of the spiritual outreach that Baroque music gives. Take a step back to the Baroque era in the scenic East Bohemian town of Litomyšl at concerts, seminars and period masses.

Theatrum Kuks (24–28 August)

A multi-genre festival combining Baroque past with the present
Theatrum Kuks is a festival that follows the tradition of the East Bohemian Kuks as a centre of music, theatre and arts at a European level. The main goal of the festival is to show that Baroque has a lot in common with the present and that it is still interesting, even three hundred years later. The festival offers Baroque and Baroque-inspired art in the scenery of Kuks and its surroundings.

Festival of Baroque Arts (16–18 September)

Authentic performances of Baroque arts!
The festival in Český Krumlov in South Bohemia strives to show the audience Baroque music in the most authentic performances. Every year, a modern Baroque opera has a world premiere in the original Baroque theatre at the Český Krumlov Chateau, performed authentically with all the staging and setting! That means costumes and candlelight!

In case you miss the summer festivals, you can dive into the sounds and melodies of the Baroque music played by the world-known Czech orchestra Collegium 1704 with its year-round concert series in Rudolfinum in Prague.