Enjoy a Romantic Setting in the Chateau Gardens

Enjoy a Romantic Setting in the Chateau Gardens

Indulge in a romantic stroll, with breath-taking views and even a labyrinth.

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The charm of Czech chateaux is further enhanced by their vast and impressive gardens. You can admire them throughout the year, but they are most beautiful in the spring when the flowers begin to bloom. In our tips you will find gardens in French and English styles, extensive parks where you will find a whole range of unique features as well as interesting structures refining their appearance. What could be better than a romantic stroll through flowery gardens?

Květná and Podzámecká Garden in Kroměříž

In the Eastern Moravian town of Kroměříž the Bishops and Archbishops of Olomouc have built their summer residence. The chateau together with the Květná and Podzámecká Garden has been recorded in the World Cultural and Natural Heritage List of UNESCO. The Květná Garden is decorated by geometrically planted flower beds, a maze and a colonnade with a gallery of statues as well as a rotunda with grottos and a Foucalt's pendulum. Podzámecká Garden, formerly utilised, was transformed in the 17th century to a Baroque garden. In ideal climatic conditions of chateau cellars, the tasting of a wide range of excellent Moravian wines are prepared for visitors.

Lednice-Valtice area

Another landmark on the UNESCO list is the Lednice-Valtice site in Southern Moravia, not far from Brno. This is the most extensive park adjusted landscape in the world, so it is no wonder that it is called the Garden of Europe. The extensive parks, a set of ponds and historic structures in nature (hunting lodges, temples, chapels) certainly make it worth taking a stroll, and you will also find two large chateaux there, Lednice and Valtice.

Chateau Garden in Český Krumlov

The state castle and chateau of Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia is one of the most visited tourist destinations and UNESCO heritage sites. Of course, the most extensive part of the chateau premises is the Baroque Garden, which dates all the way back to the 2nd half of the 17th century. In the 19th century, the garden’s appearance was radically changed into the style of an English park. Today you can stroll through more than 10 hectares, and you certainly should visit the beautiful cascade fountain with statutes of water deities, vases and allegories of the four seasons.

Prague Castle Gardens

Come and experience unforgettable moments in a romantic setting with a view of the unique Prague panorama. In the area of Prague Castle there are several gardens, which are accessible to the public free of charge. While the north garden is one of the most historically valuable, from the south gardens there is a beautiful view of the historic part of the town. The largest of the gardens is the Royal Garden, where you will find landmarks such as the Royal Summerhouse, the Ballroom and the Lion Court, as well as century-old trees imported from abroad.

Troja Chateau Garden in Prague

The Troja Chateau Garden is spread around the Troja Chateau, and if you like Baroque, then you must take a stroll through it. This is a classic example of a Baroque Garden, since it is full of sculptures, pergolas, uranas, vases, ponds and water elements. In the eastern part of the garden, you will find a labyrinth, which has been formed by hornbeams and water obstacles.

Průhonice Chateau Park

A fairy-tale-like natural environment just a couple of km south-east of the boundaries of the Capital City of Prague can be found in the Průhonice Chateau Park. One of the largest protected nature parks in Europe, it was recorded in the UNESCO world heritage list in 2012. Within the 250 hectares you can find a truly fairy-tale-like park, large ponds and barrages as well as nearly 1,600 types of domestic and exotic trees. The collection of rhododendrons consisting of 8,000 items in 100 species is also exceptional.

Monastery Gardens in Litomyšl

If you head to Eastern Bohemia, be sure to visit the Monastery Gardens in Litomyšl. You will find them in the former Piarist Monastery between the two Litomyšl temples. The gardens are spread across more than 11,000 m2 on hills above the town. Besides a beautiful view of the surroundings you can also admire the arbour, flower beds, the pool with mist and the statutes from renowned Czech sculptor Olbram Zoubek. The lawns truly encourage relaxation, and the pleasant atmosphere is supported by the calm classical music and the lighting, which change day and night. The monastery gardens are available year-round.