The treetop walkway was built near Janské Lázně in Krkonoše in 2017. It is more than 1,300 metres long and is the only treetop walkway that will also take you under the ground. The interactive underground exposition shows the micro-world of soil, from the roots to the smallest animals.  
The Krkonoše treetop walkway climbs to 23 metres above ground. A wooden lookout tower, 45 metres high, with a view over the surrounding trees and Janské Lázně is located two-thirds of the way along the walkway. The whole structure is barrier-free and has several adrenalin sections, which includes a dry slide inside of the lookout tower. The walkway is open year round except for 24th December.


Stezka korunami stromů Krkonoše s.r.o., Krkonošská 350, 542 25 Janské Lázně