Cafés where great coffee comes with a unique atmosphere

Cafés where great coffee comes with a unique atmosphere

It has long been known in the Czech Republic that no two cafés are the same. Reading about the best of them will make you forget about the autumn and winter chill.

Cafés where great coffee comes with a unique atmosphere
Even in the Czech Republic there are days when the cold manages to to find its way beneath all layers of clothing and everyone wants nothing more than to warm up in a nice, cozy café. Fortunately, places like these, where good coffee is made and served with a delicious dessert, are continuing to spring up everywhere in the Czech Republic. This is true for Prague, Český Krumlov, Brno and Karlovy Vary. The best of them have already made names for themselves abroad. For example, The Guardian, the renowned British daily newspaper has certainly taken notice of them. We would like to add some others to their list, but with a little warning, these cafés are not hard to find, but they are certainly difficult to leave.

The best cafés in Prague

From the start we should probably say that you will have to leave the centre of Prague in order to find truly exceptional cafés. But you certainly won’t regret the journey. One of the best cafés in Prague is Můj šálek kávy (My cup of coffee) in the Karlín district, which after several years of enduring a somewhat dubious reputation has begun to change into a fashionable area. The café is known for its novel design, professional staff, good food and above all famous coffee, which is actually roasted on the premises. News of its quality travelled far beyond Prague and the borders of the Czech Republic until it found itself in an article by the British newspaper The Guardian. The paper also praised the nearby Lokál restaurant and Veltlín bar. Both businesses rely on a traditional approach. Lokál uses proven Czech recipes, quality ingredients and has principally a very professional approach to beer – from storing, pouring and finally consuming it. Veltlín can rightfully boast about its uncompromising selection of wines, which come exclusively from the area of ​​the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Another café in the lesser known Prague quarter is Café v lese (Café in the woods), behind which you can get to Vršovice. In recent years the area has been known as a hotbed of alternative cultural life in Prague. Café in the woods is at the heart of this centre. The owner Ondřej Kobza has spent the past few years trying to improve  the local image of Prague. Thanks to him, a piano has appeared on the streets of the Czech capital, which passers-by can feel free to play. It’s also to the credit of Ondřej Kobza that Vršovice has returned to life, where other famous businesses such as Café Sladkovský or Garage have been set up. These establishments also earned praise from The Guardian.
The informal café and patisserie Alchymista (The Alchemist) certainly deserves a mention and a glowing recommendation, it also accepts Bitcoins. You can find it in Holešovice, just a short walk from Letna Park. Other stylish establishments are the La Bohème Café in Prague’s Vinohrady and Al Cafetero just a block away. But if you feel you must remain in the centre at all costs during your visit to Prague, we have some tips on great cafés there as well; why not visit Café Louvre close to the National Theatre. Top service and quality are guaranteed, which explains why guests have been coming to the café for more than a hundred years. The list of past visitors includes Albert Einstein and Franz Kafka. Just opposite the National Theatre is the legendary Slavia Café where the elite of Prague used to meet to discuss philosophical questions or perhaps merely admire the view of Prague Castle.

Good coffee is also brewed elsewhere

The magic of great coffee is not underestimated elsewhere in the Czech Republic. For example in the centre of Brno there is the renowned Café Mitte and a professional approach to coffee can be found at Coffee Fusion. If you cannot imagine a cup of coffee without something sweet to go with it, then head over to V Melounovém cukru (At the Melon Sugar), which serves up the famous Red Velvet Cake. Another café tip for south Moravia is right next to the wine superpower - Mikulov. Café Fara is on the main cycling route of Pálava hills. In addition to some great coffee, it offers the experience of its Coffee Spirit lounge.

The café culture has come to life even in the spa town of Carlsbad. For connoisseurs, there’s Republica Coffee which offers coffee specialties on its menu in addition to tried and tested evergreens. A stylish experience is available at the café Bonjour, where it’s not just your taste buds that are in for a treat, but also your eyes thanks to the great design. The famous Just Cake coffee house draws guests to its famous desserts – particularly angel cake. Everything is right in the centre of Carlsbad.