To South Moravia for Sun and Wine

To South Moravia for Sun and Wine

Taste the best from our cellars!

To South Moravia for Sun and Wine
You can look forward to traditional feasts, hundreds-year-old historical cellars or the place where you can taste the best wines. Make your trip to South Moravia more interesting with our tips!

To Velké Bílovice for the Winemakers

The dreamy South Moravian town of Velké Bílovice has an abundance of wine cellars. Almost every family owns a bit of a vineyard and a cellar. Every summer, they organise an event called To Velké Bílovice for the Winemakers. For a small fee, you can visit up to 8 cellars and taste the best wine they have. And how to find out which cellar is open? They’ll tell you that in the local information centre. Grab a map with the cellars, find the winemaker and start tasting. The event ends in the last week of August.

Traditional Feast and Top Wines from Pálava!

Local winemakers invite you to Pavlov, a wine-growing village at the foothills of the smallest Czech mountains – Pálava. You can taste the excellent Pavlov wine and tour the local historical cellars. Ten to twelve wine samples are offered in each. The list of open wine cellars is available in the Pavlov wine bar, or you can ask the locals. And if you come on 5 and 6 August, you will get to experience a real Moravian feast in traditional attire.

Historical Mutěnice Cellars

The oldest wine cellars in Mutěnice come from the 18th century! You will find some beautifully decorated spaces full of branded wine. In July and August, you can explore the individual cellars and winemakers during a tasting event, Okoštujte u vinařa. Every week, one winery will open, and you can taste about six to ten samples there. They are open in the evening from Friday to Sunday. Moreover, you can visit the Mutěnice Summer Wine Festival from 19 to 21 August when nine cellars owned by small winemakers and also regional microbreweries will be open to the public!

To a Wine Cellar with a Horse? Everything Is Possible in Mikulčice!

In August, you can also visit the individual wineries in Mikulčice. The traditional Mikulčice Open Cellars takes place on Saturday, 27 August. You can wander along smaller family-owned wineries as well as traditional wine cellars in several locations. Your comfort will be ensured thanks to the horse-drawn carriage shuttle service running every thirty minutes! Combine your wine-tasting trip with a tour of the nearby Slavic fortified settlement, inhabited more than a thousand years ago.

The Best Wines in One Place

The Czech Wine Salon in the basement of the Valtice Chateau in South Moravia is a place that every wine lover should visit. The beautiful basement has a unique ambience, and you can enjoy tasting one hundred best wines from Bohemia and Moravia. The jury chooses the best 100 wines every year, awarded with the Wine Salon golden medal. And you can learn about the whole wine collection during several tasting events – either in the form of free tasting when you have 90 minutes to taste almost all the wines in the Wine Salon collection, or during one of the sommelier-managed tasting events.

Slavic fortified settlement