Christmas at Castles and Chateaus

Christmas at Castles and Chateaus

Enjoy an unforgettable, almost fairy-like Christmas at Czech castles and chateaus!

When Christmas is coming and the first snow starts falling on the roofs, the Czech castles and chateaus dress in their best attire. The caretakers of some of them have prepared special Advent and Christmas programmes for their visitors. There will be costumed tours, Christmas markets, decorated interiors, and much more. Set off to experience the best castle and chateau events of this year’s Christmas!

Advent market at Dobříš Chateau

Dobříš Chateau is south of Prague, in Central Bohemia. The chateau is known for its traditional Advent tours of interiors with beautiful Christmas decorations. You will learn about the history of the holidays, about the meaning of Advent and the related customs, and see an exhibition of nativity scenes. Moreover, on Saturday, 7 December, there will be a Christmas market in the courtyard! The chateau courtyard will be decorated with Christmas trees, and it will be illuminated with pine torches, burning baskets and lanterns. The tours of the chateau will be provided every Advent weekend. The chateau is open all year round.

Christmas trees at Loučeň Chateau

Visitors of the Central Bohemian Loučeň Chateau will have the opportunity to fully experience the magical Christmas atmosphere with all of their senses in the holiday-decorated chambers, and enjoy some fresh air while walking in the chateau park with a huge Advent wreath. This year, the chateau will have an exhibition on the story of the Christmas tree. And the Christmas tree will also be the main topic of the Advent tours at Loučeň Chateau. There will be 21 different Christmas trees installed in the chambers of the aristocratic residence, showing how the Thurn-Taxis family lived at the beginning of the 20th century. There are special guided tours from 26 November 2019 to 12 January 2020, however, advance booking is recommended.

Christmas at Křivoklát Royal Castle

The peaceful Christmas atmosphere will welcome you at the castle gate of Křivoklát, a medieval castle in Central Bohemia, one of the most important and largest Bohemian aristocratic castles. There will be stands with crafts and manufactured goods on the weekend of 7-8 December and 14-15 December. And what will you see? There will be bakers, basket weavers, candle makers, potters, herbalists, tinkers and blacksmiths in the scenery of the Christmas castle. You can look forward to traditional old Czech specialties, such as dried fruit, mulled wine, Christmas cookies and sausages. The accompanying programme will also include Christmas carols, theatre performances, jugglers and comedians.

Advent at Loket

The town of Loket with a Gothic castle, looming over the river, is only a few kilometres from the world-famous spa of Karlovy Vary in West Bohemia. The castle is open to the public all year round; its gates stay open in winter. Moreover, there will be a traditional market on 7 December, offering mulled wine and mead, straw decorations, bobbin lace, and traditional crafts.

Ratibořice in East Bohemia

Ratibořice in East Bohemia is connected with Božena Němcová, a Czech female writer from the 19th century, and her novel The Grandmother. The Christmas-decorated chateau will go back almost 200 years in history on 7 and 8 December. The chateau employees, dressed up as servants, will show you what Christmas used to be like in the past. There will be a small Christmas market in the building of the water mangle.

Tours of Hluboká Chateau

Enjoy the magical atmosphere in the South Bohemian Hluboká Chateau with guided tours of the interior. It is one of the few chateaus that are open all year round, and in winter the private apartments of the last generations of chateau owners are open. And the chateau has a lot to offer! You will see private lounges and dining halls. The tours have one common line – hunting. You can visit the grand hunting dining room, food preparation room, as well as the study, the living room and the bedroom of the last private chateau owner, Adolf Schwarzenberg.

Black kitchen at Jindřichův Hradec

On the weekend of 7-8 December, you can also visit the South Bohemian chateau in Jindřichův Hradec. The programme on both days will showcase music, dance and theatre performances. The littlest can look forward to a show with birds of prey, and everyone will definitely enjoy looking inside a 500-year-old black kitchen, which will be open and running! You should not miss Krýza’s nativity scene, the largest mechanical folk nativity scene in the world (as recorded in the Guinness Book of Records), at the Regional Museum.

Advent Printing at the Šternberk Castle

Šternberk Castle is north of Olomouc in Moravia. During the Saturday tours in December, visitors can learn a lot of interesting things about the history of Christmas, Czech Christmas traditions and customs, and how the nobility and the simple folk used to celebrate Christmas. Šternberk Castle will be open on Saturdays, 7, 14 and 21 December, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The castle interior will be decorated for Christmas, there will be nativity scenes, historical toys and many other Christmas artefacts. The tours will be opened with the Children’s Christmas Fair on 7 December. The castle area will be decorated with a life-sized wooden nativity installed at the lower courtyard. The fair will also include an unusual book printing workshop called Book Printing from Above. Children will learn about the history of printing in a fun way and each visitor will have the opportunity to print their own souvenir card.