Discover the Story of Czech Design

Discover the Story of Czech Design

Czech cities open their arms to different areas of design!

Indoor exhibitions, architecture exhibitions, tours of model cars, workshops, lectures and showcases by leading fashion designers - this autumn in the Czech Republic is very rich in events related to design.

Design in the main role

The year-round series of design events called MEET CZECH DESIGN, hosted by the agency CzechTourism, is coming to an end. However, the very interesting last part still awaits us. The Prague stage of the festival will deal with Industrial design, but that’s not all by a long shot. With regard to the number of diversely focused events, this part of the festival got the name Web of design and will include important events such as Designblok. During Designblok, the oldest design week in Central Europe which will take place October 7-12, indoor exhibitions as well as presentations of jewelry, clothing and utility design from the best Czech designers will all be available for viewing. The event offers exhibitions, contracting and marketing presentations, direct sales and professional meetings. Its main locations will be Superstudio Nákladové nádraží Žižkov (Žižkov freight railway station) and Openstudio Kafkův dům (Openstudio Kafka House) at Old Town Square, which will both serve as exhibition spaces.

Architecture and Urbanism in many forms

Architecture Week Prague 2014 is part of the Prague stage of MEET CZECH DESIGN. This is already the eighth time the international festival of architecture and urbanism has been held. This year - from September 15 to October 12 - it will focus on architectural heritage and architectural icons. The program will include lectures, discussion forums, film screenings, walks for architecture and interesting exhibitions of new trends in architecture. At the center of the action with the largest number of exhibitions will be Jiřský monastery at Prague Castle.

Festival of light

SIGNAL is an international festival of light, which takes place in the public space of the historic center of Prague. The first year offered more than 30 light installations and during 4 nights it was visited by 250 000 people. Contemporary audiovisual art will pulsate through the historical center of Prague on four evenings from October 16 - 19. A number of artists from abroad will showcase their installations, as well as major Czech artists like David Černý or Petr Nikl. The SIGNAL Festival of light will transform the public space into a gleaming gallery and this year it’s again free for everybody. The festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the streets of the metropolis to see the outdoor lighting installations and video-mapping exhibits in places such as The Dancing House, The Old Town Square, The Church of St. Ludmila, Charles Bridge, Museum Kampa or Petřin Lookout Tower.

Brno loves graphic design

The final part of the festival MEET CZECH DESIGN will be held in Brno, where it will be joined with the traditional, this year the 26th anniversary, Brno Biennale, which this time will be in the spirit of education in the field of graphic design and visual communication. Therefore, its main part will include an international competitive exhibition of works by students and graduates of art schools from around the world. From the rich program, each will be able to assemble their own mosaic of design, after all the name of the whole festival finale, which is the Mosaic of graphic design, comes from this idea. Activities will be prepared for visitors in three palaces in the city center. The basic offer will be enriched by exhibitions and workshops, readings, concerts, debates, theater performances, meetings and other special events in urban areas.