A Trip to One of the Seven Wonders of the Czech Republic

A Trip to One of the Seven Wonders of the Czech Republic

The Jeseníky Mountains offer many tips for summer trips, inspired by fascinating technology and architecture.

You will find a variety of attractions in the Jeseníky, apart from the mountains and forests. One of the most attractive is the upper reservoir of the Dlouhé Stráně pumped storage hydropower plant, where you can go walking or cycling. Amazing adventures await you as well as views of the highest mountain in the Jeseníky, Praděd.

Dlouhé Stráně

The pumped storage hydroelectric plant Dlouhé Stráně  in the Jeseníky  was recently ranked among the seven wonders of the Czech Republic. Most of the technological operations are hidden in the vast underground area, and thus mainly the buildings on the surface, especially the impressive upper reservoir at an altitude of 1,350 meters on Mravenečník Mountain, attract attention.
For starters, a trip to Kouty nad Desnou, formerly a  winter ski resort  that gradually expanded into a year-round mountain entertainment and sports resort, is ideal. The cableway takes you to Medvědí Mountain, where a new lookout tower stands. The final approximately 3-km stretch of road to Dlouhé Stráně is shortened by modern shuttle minibuses, but the route can be easily managed on foot along the marked trails. If you allow yourself to be transported up top with your bike, you can then go back to Kouty nad Desnou along the 16 km road, which is all downhill. Experienced riders can use some of the bike trails.

The highest mountain in Moravia

From the upper reservoir on Mravenečník Mountain a wide view of the surroundings opens up, dominated by Praděd, the highest peak of the Hruby Jeseníky and Low Jeseníky and the highest mountain in Moravia. With an altitude of 1,492 meters, Praděd occupies fifth position among Czech mountains above 1000 meters; all four higher peaks, including the highest Sněžka (1603 m above sea level), are in the Krkonoše Mountains. At the top of Praděd there is a 162 m tall TV transmitter with a restaurant and an observation tower, from where Lysa hora in the Beskidy Mountains, the High Tatras in Slovakia and the Austrian Alps can be seen in good weather. In the winter there is a popular ski resort there, where the snow often holds until May.

The new thermal water park in Velké Losiny

This attractive destination includes the town Velké Losiny with its Renaissance chateau and thermal baths, where they are preparing to open a new thermal water park. In nine swimming pools containing medicinal sulphurous thermal water, you can enjoy the water attractions as well as try a broad range of wellness treatments. Do not forget to visit the famous paper mill, where high quality handmade paper has been produced continually for several hundred years. The tour takes you through the entire production process and in the summer you can even try it out for yourself.