Flowers Exhibitions in Winter - Get in the right mood for spring

Flowers Exhibitions in Winter - Get in the right mood for spring

Does winter seem long to you? We will give you four tips for places where you can get infected with a spring mood!

February 10 2017 - March 19 2017
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The Czech countryside can also be full of colour in February when spring seems to be far away. You just have to help nature a bit. Chateaux and palaces in the Czech Republic traditionally include greenhouses, where the nobility used to grow beautiful flowers even in the cold months of the year. Camellias used to be very popular, and ladies in the 19th century used them for decorations during balls and carnivals in February. We will tell you where this tradition is kept to this day and where you can get in the right mood for spring.

Chateau Greenhouses in Rájec

The greenhouses in Rájec nad Svitavou in Moravia north of Brno hide a blooming treasure. The treasure includes bushes of camellias, some of which are more than one hundred years old! About four hundred varieties are grown in the greenhouses. The exhibition at the chateau that takes place from 4-13 March will display dozens of camellia varieties. Local gardeners still cultivate new varieties, and when you are in the neighbourhood you can buy camellias or other spring plants there.

Květná zahrada (Blooming Garden) in Kroměříž

Another Moravian city – Kroměříž – is hosting an exhibition until 12th March under the title of Camellia – the Queen of Ball Flowers. And where else can one see flowers than in the two greenhouses of Květná zahrada (in Czech, Květná zahrada means a blooming garden). The garden, together with the local Archbishop Castle, is enlisted by UNESCO. The garden has recently been completely reconstructed to the original Baroque look. Even when nothing else blooms outside the greenhouses, the tour of the garden is worth it.

Orchids in Prague

Before spring starts in Prague, visit the Botanical garden, specifically the large Fata Morgana greenhouse, where you can visit several climates during a tour. From 3-19 March, the tropical part of the greenhouse will host an exhibition of blooming orchids. You can visit the garden any day except Monday.

Early Spring at Prague Castle

This year’s exhibition from the cycle Early Spring at Prague Castle takes place in the Empire greenhouse of the Royal Garden from 3-12 March. Three hundred years ago, Maria Theresa, a Czech queen, was born, and this year’s theme is therefore dedicated to her. Visitors will learn about her coronation at the Castle, its late Baroque reconstruction as well as the modifications of the Royal Garden that were made during her reign. Some of the flowers that will get you in the spring mood are bluebells, daffodils, hyacinths and asters.


Rájec nad Svitavou, Kroměříž, Prague - Botanical Garden in Troja, Prague Castle