News 2015: Places you will want to visit

News 2015: Places you will want to visit

Planning a trip of discovery, for some sightseeing or a bit of nature? Here are some new listings for the 2015 tourist season!

With the change of digits at the end of the year comes not only new books, movies, laws and challenges, but also new places to visit in the tourist calendar. We have selected seven such places that will offer you something new this year, guaranteed to be worth a visit.

Kroměříž Gardens blooming again after renovation

In the 17th century Italian architects transformed the swamp in Kroměříž into a late Renaissance garden that several centuries later has also earned distinction from UNESCO. The flourishes of the Flower Garden consist of geometrically planted flower beds, a labyrinth, and a colonnade with a gallery of statues or rotunda with grottoes and a Foucault pendulum. The gardens have undergone extensive renovation and now visitors can see them in all their Renaissance splendor.

New thermal water park in Velké Losiny

There is now a unique thermal park at the Velké Losiny Spa in North Moravia that uses natural healing resources. It is not only new, but also the only one in the Czech Republic! You can enjoy water attractions in nine pools filled with therapeutic sulfurous thermal water, or relax in three types of saunas and, moreover, treat your body to various types of professional massages.

You can also hop on the Spa Express, a train that will take you and your children for a look around the area. It makes stops at the Renaissance castle with its magnificent arcades and a famous paper mill where high-quality handmade paper has been continuously produced for several hundred years. You can see for yourself how the experienced masters ply their trade with paper.

The zoo wakes up from its winter slumber

... young ones are emerging everywhere like off an assembly line. Practically every Czech zoo is reporting new additions, and these also include new exhibits. For example, ZOO Dvůr Králové is opening a new lion safari in 2015, but you can already see several new exhibits of African animals, like the Aardvark Pen ceremoniously opened at the end of February. ZOO Olomouc should see another part of its new African Safari open within the Eurasia and America complex. Also new since September 2014 is the stingray cove at ZOO Zlín-Lešná, a unique exhibit and the only one of its kind in the region of Central Europe.

Virtue and vice in Kuks is looking forward to new admirers

After two years of renovation, you will again be able to admire the beauty of one of the most famous Czech Baroque monuments, Kuks Hospital. The reconstructed landmark offers several enhancements, including a new pharmacy museum, galleries of Czech wines or an herb garden behind the hospital. The former farmstead buildings have been converted into a small theater and educational complex.

Since 2013 Kuks and the nearby Braun’s nativity scene have been easy to reach using a cycle path from Hradec Králové, where another new arrival awaits you: a new digital planetarium was opened in January 2015.

Prague villa of Karel Čapek

Public access is being prepared to part of the double villa belonging to the Čapek brothers in the Vinohrady District of Prague on the street that today bears their name, Bratří Čapků. Both brothers were artists – Karel was a writer and Josef a painter. Did you know that the Čapek brothers invented the word robot? The tour of these unusually authentically preserved interiors (including little details such as the pencils or pads of paper he used) promises to be a real treat; you will get the feeling as if Karel Čapek had just stepped out for a moment.

Citadel of Knowledge in Olomouc

Spring will also see the grand opening of the first center of popular science and research in Moravia, the Citadel of Knowledge in Olomouc. It is located in the former artillery munitions warehouse on the complex of the Baroque Royal Garrison. According to the authors, it will be an interactive exhibition of the smallest of the five Czech scientific centers, but apparently unique, and not just because of what building it is located in, but primarily because of its connection to the local university.

A visit to the Lichtenštejn family in Lednice Château

A costly reconstruction has transformed the once neglected riding grounds at Lednice Château into a multifunctional center. An exhibit here was opened to the public in February of this year presenting the history of the beautiful surrounding countryside, included among UNESCO sites, which takes you back to a time when the estate was inhabited by the noble family of Lichtenštejn.
The area of Lednice-Valtice, the second most visited tourist site in the country after Prague, has much to offer. It’s not just the châteaux of Lednice and Valtice that are inviting, but also a number of small buildings that dot the surrounding landscape, like the palm glasshouse and the famous Minaret in Lednice Park, which serves as an observation tower, the splendid ruins of Janohrad or the colonnade on Reistna Hill.