Prague for lovers – where to go on a date?

Prague for lovers – where to go on a date?

For couples Prague means romantic side streets, strolls through Baroque gardens, quiet cafes and a magical bridge of love!

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If you ask someone in Prague where you should go on a date, people will no doubt recommend romantic Kampa Island or Petřín Hill. You don't have to climb up to the viewing point or visit the hall of mirrors, but you really ought to stop at a spot that is legendary for all lovers: the memorial to the king of Czech romantic poets Karel Hynek Mácha.

You will also like the Rose Gardens on the peak of Petřín or some of the palace gardens in Malá Strana. There are plenty of benches, enchanting views and peaceful side streets offering a quiet corner for romance!

Kampa is a beautiful island on the Vltava River, but it is also one of the most visited places in Prague, making it hard to find a bit of privacy. The real reason to come here is the bridge of love. It crosses the Čertovka stream just above the Velkopřevorské mill and you will recognize it at first sight. Its railings and metal grids are covered with love padlocks of different colours and shapes. There’s still plenty of space, so you can test the strength of your love. Hang a lock on the bridge and throw the key into the water to ensure everlasting love and happiness. Try it!

A favourite place for walks is the park at Vyšehrad, but we we've got an even better idea: the Bastion U božích muk on the opposite side of the valley. This is a newly restored section of Baroque fortification of Prague, a bit like a bigger and more famous Vyšehrad fortress. There is a café, fine dining and of course benches with great views of the city.

Just a short walk away is another magical place, which recalls sunny Italy. In the English park at the Gröbe Villa discover for example a romantic artificial cave on the slopes converging to the Nusle Valley as well as one of one of Prague's restored historic vineyards. You can’t have a proper date without coffee or a glass of wine, so we invite you to the lovingly renovated Pavilion garden cafe with an original bowling alley or the Viniční altán restaurant. It is surrounded by vineyards and you can taste original Prague wine made from grapes that grow and mature right in front of you.

A special tip that will take your darling’s breath away is unconventional accommodation in the Žižkov television tower. Apart from the highest viewing platform in Prague you can dine in the clouds in the luxurious restaurant Oblaca at a height of 66 metres. The highlight of your visit to Prague can be a stay in the six-star suite with dazzling views of Prague by night. Here, high above the ground, all of your dreams can come true!